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  1. H.M.

    Many Bronco Sport Owners Gathered For Big Trail Meetup in SoCal [Photos]

    How does that person in the second to last picture have a 4wp skid plate? And what kind of bumper guard do they have if you know?
  2. H.M.

    Future DIY tube bumper

    Just to add to my post, I was thinking about mounting it where the crash bar goes and just taking out the plastic trim of the front bumper instead of the whole thing.
  3. H.M.

    Future DIY tube bumper

    What does everyone think? It’s currently just a dream and a cardboard model but since no one else will make something for the bronco sport I might give it a try! Picture one is the top view, picture two and three are front on views but they differ a little bit. Photo number four is what I...
  4. H.M.

    Coilover conversion kit?

    Does anyone think there will be a coilover conversion kit and maybe something to lengthen travel and height?
  5. H.M.

    2.0 magnaflow muffler

    Has anyone purchased the magnaflow muffler and have any sound clips in person? Yes I know that it is expensive and I know that there is a video released by magnaflow. Also is there any YouTube videos of it besides the magnaflow one? Thanks!
  6. H.M.

    Bronco sport outer banks 2 inch lift kit from Eibach

    How are the springs? Are they stiff or soft compared to the oem Ford springs?
  7. H.M.

    2.0 magnaflow exhaust

    Has anyone purchased and installed their magnaflow exhaust yet? If so can you upload what it sounds like?
  8. H.M.

    Will Coilovers be available soon?

    Does anything think there will be coil overs anytime soon?
  9. H.M.

    I did a little off roading!

    It’s nothing fancy but I live on some land and I couldn’t resist!
  10. H.M.

    Locking diff kit?

    Does anyone know if there are any kits to convert the BS FE to an actual locking differential?
  11. H.M.

    Rock sliders for Bronco Sport?

    Has anyone experimented with being able to put/fabricate rock sliders on the BS?
  12. H.M.

    Where is the turbo?

    Does anyone know where the turbo is and how hard it would be to make a DIY intake, I have the 2 liter inline 4.