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  1. Escape2Bronco

    What are people attaching to their molle straps?

    I wonder when they will start making “pocket protectors” for the seat side pockets? 🤓
  2. Escape2Bronco

    Discount Tire to acquire Tire Rack

    I saw that too. Could be a good thing. Several discount tires by me. Used their prices and Ford price matched and the reduced by 50.00. Competition is a good thing.
  3. Escape2Bronco

    Big Bend Intelligent Cruise

    So does anyone really know what it does? I thought I saw a picture of a BS BL with a speed limit in the dash display, was that real or memorex? Maybe just shows you the last speed limit? That could be useful if accurate. On the back roads of Texas the speed limit goes from 75 to 60 but if...
  4. Escape2Bronco

    Big Bend Intelligent Cruise

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I wouldn’t want my car to force me to drive the speed limit. Crap, I’d get run over. My GPS used to warn me that the speed changed. I shut that off too!
  5. Escape2Bronco

    Poll: How did you buy your Bronco Sport?

    Same situation. When I found out my MY22 2 door would become a MY25, I took advantage of @Granger Ford 6% under invoice and the 1K custom order rebate and ordered one without driving. I’ve rarely found a car I couldn’t drive :cool: and assumed I’ll figure out how to drive this one too. I’ve...
  6. Escape2Bronco

    All Hail the Full Size Spare Tire!

    My ex wife came home with a screen door handle stuck in the sidewall of her car once. Truly an air removal device!
  7. Escape2Bronco

    Rat/mouse problem

    Found Out Rats Devour!
  8. Escape2Bronco

    Rat/mouse problem

    The ultrasonic repellents work great for mice. Spiders, not so much.
  9. Escape2Bronco

    I bit the bullet and ordered a '22 Badlands

    Semantics, but they might of reserved in July of 2020 but could not have ordered until beginning of 2021. Ask me how I know! 🤔. I have a full size 2 door Badlands on order, but because of dealer allocations, I won’t see it for a few years. I decided to order a BS BL to fill the gap and it...
  10. Escape2Bronco

    I bit the bullet and ordered a '22 Badlands

    You must be hanging around the g6 forum!
  11. Escape2Bronco

    Weekly Roll Call on Production (Week of 12/06/2021)

    Tell your Dealer not to install it. It is not installed at the factory. My dealer (Granger) does not install them unless told too by the customer. But they are one of the good guys in the dealership world so better to check with yours.
  12. Escape2Bronco

    Oh wise car there a snowballs chance I'll get my order by March?

    It might be close. It could also depend if you ordered the premium package or the 360+ package. I ordered at the end of October with neither of those and have a 1/24/22 build date. Time will tell if that really happens but that is the plan is as of now.
  13. Escape2Bronco

    Waiting room

    That was the expectation given to me as well. 4 months. Maybe a little less with a Big Bend or a little more with a Badlands. With the way things are going these days, who knows. I’m sure it will be way before I see the Big Bronco.
  14. Escape2Bronco

    Waiting room

    No, that is not normal now. It was earlier in the year due to chip shortages, moon roof issues, and other supply chain constraints. I ordered a BS BL at the end of October. It is scheduled for build the week of January 24th, 2022.
  15. Escape2Bronco

    Water inside by tailgate after car wash

    I haven’t washed my Escape in years! 😎. The dealer won’t even run it through the wash after an oil change due to the rusted out rear quarters. Check to see if the seals are lubricated. Perhaps the Mexican desert dried them out if yours spent time on an extended vacation. A little silicone...
  16. Escape2Bronco

    6% under invoice on 2022 Bronco Sport

    Yes! My Badlands was one of them! Keep it going Zach!
  17. Escape2Bronco

    I bit the bullet and ordered a '22 Badlands

    I’m guessing it’s because a larger percentage of 4x4 enthusiasts have Badlands either on order or already have them. That’s not saying anything is wrong with the other versions but if you look at the Bronco6g forum, it’s also more Badlands or higher trims or Squatched versions. I think a lot...
  18. Escape2Bronco

    Paint Issues

    It’s not the Aluminum either. I have a 2006 Escape with an Aluminum hood. Not a chip on it like those shown. Of course, it hasn’t been washed in years so there’s always that in my favor!
  19. Escape2Bronco

    Ford Factory Hitch & Yakima Cargo Basket Installed

    Ok, my bad. I’ve been on the Big Bronco site for a long time since I reserved one over a year ago. I just recently ordered a Badlands Sport since my 2 door Badlands is probably 2 years out. The issue there was the sway control so I assumed the same here. Thanks for the clarification.