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  1. MJE

    Question: Still awaiting order confirmation?

    Ugh. That happened to me trying to order an escape years ago, which I never got. In the end it worked out as I get to order a BS now, but my sales guy probably wonders why I’m texting him all the time wanting to make sure my order is entered & entered correctly.
  2. MJE

    REVIEW, 5.5k miles Big Bend

    Possibly? I mean anything is possible, whether or not it’d be cost effective or they’d do it might be another question. For what they might charge to change it out, by the time you have parts & labor, it might almost eat up the couple K difference to move to the OB. I’m glad there’s so much...
  3. MJE

    Bronco Sport Apparel

    Wow that jacket looks really sweet!
  4. MJE

    Possible new Bronco Sport Badlands owner w/some questions

    It honestly sounds like you’re getting more for less with the Maverick at this point, if you can wait until delivery. Lariat + LP & options, that’s a really compelling price to get what’s probably X-plan or better. In your decision case, I’d have a hard time not waiting. The Maverick hybrid...
  5. MJE

    Visited Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge

    Thanks for sharing your travels! Looks awesome!
  6. MJE

    Is 360+ worth the upgrade?

    You’re quite probably right. I’ll do a bit of manual reading & check to see if it’s off or not. Thanks for the explanation!
  7. MJE

    Is 360+ worth the upgrade?

    Adaptive cruise has become my absolute must have in a modern car, I wouldn’t accept a car without it now. Mark’s situation with a car turning off a rural two lane is exactly how it works, it seems to let off the gas & react a bit late, slow too much then speed up too much. But it’s easy to...
  8. MJE

    Poll: How did you buy your Bronco Sport?

    Wow yours looks awesome! & there aren’t too many in black that I’ve seen. Sorry I should’ve been more clear though. That was the OB I test drove. I ended up passing on it though & ordering a BL but in silver (with gray roof). I like black. But here it looks dirty all the time.
  9. MJE

    Poll: How did you buy your Bronco Sport?

    Yes, lots of those types of merges here as well as plenty of big rigs to overtake on 2 lane highways. There is a small fuel penalty to be paid for sure, and of course the Sport’s design isn’t necessarily optimized for the best economy to begin with, but the cost penalty seems well worth it.
  10. MJE

    Poll: How did you buy your Bronco Sport?

    In a good way I’m assuming? I went off the idea that if I found the 1.5 was adequate, I‘m really going to enjoy the 2.0!
  11. MJE

    Anyone planning on going to one of the Bronco Off-Roadeo events?

    Thanks for your review. I’d been lamenting that a trip to Texas just might not be in the cards for 2022, but as excellent though it may be, I might just have to take another trip to Texas further in the future when it makes more sense for me & not try to hit up the roadeo.
  12. MJE

    Poll: How did you buy your Bronco Sport?

    I’d seen the Sport when it came out & figured it would be an ideal vehicle for my needs as a replacement for a 2007 Acura MDX I had once the explorer was paid off. However life changes & all dictated I really no longer needed a vehicle the size of the explorer, when what I wanted all along was...
  13. MJE

    (Long) Trip Report: Big Bend National Park

    What an awesome looking trip, thanks for sharing your great write up of it all! Looks like an incredible place to visit. I’m not nearly so daring to venture that far off the beaten path alone for so long, but perhaps I’ll have to at least do day trips & drives. So really enjoyed reading about...
  14. MJE

    Possible new Bronco Sport Badlands owner w/some questions

    Thank you to you & your team for the work they do to make features so widely available or included, if not on the BS, then on previous vehicles. Their work meant I didn’t have to wonder what I was giving up in a BL because it’s all standard here. Pretty incredible really! Funny though, I...
  15. MJE

    Maverick Steelie Wheels installed on my Bronco Sport

    I think if you powder coated them gunmetal they’d be awesome. But then I think they’re fine as is if you want a different look from standard. I like the look for sure, but then I ordered the optional “steelies” on mine since the look really is retro/vintage 4x4 to me. But I have had at least...
  16. MJE

    I bit the bullet and ordered a '22 Badlands

    Looks awesome & a great choice! Yeah what a year indeed, it’s an odd one with all these shortages enabling profits off trading.
  17. MJE

    Ford Bronco Sport engineer reveals SUV's smallest design secrets - via Detroit Free Press

    Yeah it was a great article, thanks for sharing! I did kinda wonder how things like the molle straps & bottle opener got left in the vehicle when they could’ve saved a buck by not including them.
  18. MJE

    Post Pictures of Your Aftermarket Wheels Thread

    I know it’s unrelated to the wheels, but what do you think of the splash guards? I’m thinking they’re necessary here just for snow, slush, gravel, etc.
  19. MJE

    What’s your Bronco Sport Jam?

    Apparently the other week while waiting for my BS, I’m destined to hear this song!
  20. MJE

    Possible new Bronco Sport Badlands owner w/some questions

    That’s probably a fair & honest summary. It’s fine to be certain. But for me and it sounds like everyone on here, boxy, upright and truck like wins the day.