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  1. Dealer Getting A Slew of 2022 Dealer Stock BSs!

    Yeah I believe the dealer stock went live yesterday. My usual SoCal Badlands search went from ~20 to 100+.
  2. Ford Recalling Bronco Sports and Escapes Due to Defective Rear Brake Pads

    Does this mean a halt in production? Or continued production then shipment once the recalled part is replaced?
  3. Weekly Roll Call on Production (Week of 12/06/2021)

    I ordered 10/25 and got a production week on 11/18. You should probably get one this Thursday.
  4. 2022 BS Ford Published Production Updates [Updated 12/4]

    If those of us with 1/24 dates don't get moved up first...
  5. Oh wise car there a snowballs chance I'll get my order by March?

    It depends on how many weeks they spend building the Bronco Sport in February. They're only building it the week of 1/24 for the entire month of January.
  6. MY22 Window Stickers Only

    Feels like 90% of us here are Badlands orders, so we wouldn’t hear about all the Base and Big Bends being made.
  7. I bit the bullet and ordered a '22 Badlands

    I was told that by another user. It makes sense when nobody has gotten a build week for January before 1/24.
  8. ⏱ 2022 Bronco Sport Scheduling Upcoming Week (11/15) For 4 Build Weeks in January!

    I called and I made the cut and got scheduled for January. What a relief, I was going to lose my mind if I didn't 😅
  9. ⏱ 2022 Bronco Sport Scheduling Upcoming Week (11/15) For 4 Build Weeks in January!

    Someone said in a different thread that the Mavericks are getting the first 3 build weeks of January.
  10. Badlands Production Week Changed

    Apparently, a common issue is the dealer forgetting to attach the customer's email to the order. Causing the emails to get sent to the salesperson who entered the order. That's what happened to me.
  11. 2022MY Bronco Sport Dates: Order Acceptance, Scheduling and Production Start

    Congrats! Hopefully I have similarly good news when I call my dealer tomorrow.
  12. I bit the bullet and ordered a '22 Badlands

    Hmmm, maybe he meant at least 2 months until it’s built? Before the 22’s started production, people were getting build weeks within 10 days of ordering.
  13. I bit the bullet and ordered a '22 Badlands

    When did you order? Or did you order a part that’s in short supply?
  14. Badlands Production Week Changed

    12-13 weeks for delivery? She must be mistaken or is that counting if you ordered right now?
  15. Palm Coast Dealer Stole My Badlands

    Sorry this happened to you. I've been having nightmares about this happening to me and I don't even have a build week. 😣
  16. NOONE has waited longer than me!

    Scheduling has been on hold since before 11/1, but it resumes this week.
  17. Waiting room

    Yeah, one of my local dealers got a bunch and now has over 20 on the lot, but they still want their $5k market adjustment. 😐
  18. ⏱ 2022 Bronco Sport Scheduling Upcoming Week (11/15) For 4 Build Weeks in January!

    I can't wait to call my salesperson next week in hopes of getting the production date! Finally some good news.