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  1. Rooftop Tent or Sleeping Inside

    Great trunk setup!
  2. Rooftop Tent or Sleeping Inside

    For the cost of one of the roof tents (which use up a lot of your roof weight in motion) you can get a very compact and very nice on the ground setup. Tents don’t take as long to setup as they used to years ago. Even the bigger ones that sleep 6 sardine style (so 3-4 comfortably) couple options...
  3. console and back seat vault options

    For anyone who has installed this does it work with the badlands premium package. On the builder if you try and add this it removes that package for some reason. I didn’t bother asking the dealer about it because I was on the fence anyways. Maybe it was just the builder site being dumb. Just...
  4. Poll: How did you buy your Bronco Sport?

    Where’s the option for test drove the big bronco twice and decided I didn’t want to wait that long or need the big bronco and there was a baby bronco on the lot but it had the fuel line recall so it wasn’t drivable and just preordered that instead after sitting in it. That’s the box I’d be checking.
  5. Getting $100 Deposit Back on Cancelled Bronco Sport Order?

    I love his last response 🙄 sorry as someone who has been in a combined 26 years of sales and sales management seeing that type of unprofessionalism just…. 😡 I agree with the prior comment just talk to someone else and In person if at all possible.
  6. Does having a VIN number mean you have a production week?

    just taking a stab in the dark based on my order and other orders I saw in oct. A lot of us received a vin a few weeks ago with a January 24th build date. Your mileage may vary though. But that seemed to be a common theme from the posts I saw and my own order.
  7. Best Bang for your Buck Modifications?

    Fixed it! Thanks for the heads up!
  8. Best Bang for your Buck Modifications?

    A lot of mods covered. Here’s some practical things to make sure you have with you maybe? Tire pressure gauge with tire deflater so you can air down if necesssary. Make sure you get one that covers the max psi.
  9. co-pilot 360 vs 360+

    you aren’t/weren’t the only one. The mobile website is also very poorly laid out and isn’t super clear. I too thought the ADaptive Cruise Control was included in the regular pilot360 and didn’t realize it wasn’t until after I had a VIN and production date. Luckily I didn’t make the same mistake...
  10. (Long) Trip Report: Big Bend National Park

    Great write up! Thanks for sharing the photos as well. Looks like an amazing trip!
  11. Ford Yakima platform same as Yakima lock and load - b ?

    Wondering if anyone can confirm if the Yakima lock and load platform is the same one that ford has on their website. Ford direct is 250 dollars more than everywhere else so wasn’t sure I’d there was a difference for that one. It doesn’t list any dimensions.
  12. Post Pictures of Your Aftermarket Wheels Thread

    I’d been hoping someone picked up a set of these. I love bronze with a black lip. Very nice!
  13. Off roading in Black Hills and Badlands of SD

    Thanks for posting this. I was just searching on google for some easy trails to do in badlands/black hills with my wife this summer. Trying to get my feet wet and figured we could hit up the blacktop scenic drives while we are at it.
  14. Can anyone 3D print

    I have a 3d printer. Definitely do not use PLA for that. It will warp and break in the heat. I haven’t personally printed with anything stronger so I can’t speak to using ABS. If you’re looking to experiment though the Ender Pro 3 is a very capable printer and quite inexpensive. You will need to...
  15. 2022MY Bronco Sport Dates: Order Acceptance, Scheduling and Production Start

    Yep I was just hoping before June when my son starts driving. Now he can have the minivan 😂
  16. Rally Innovations light bar and skid plate installed on Bronco Sport

    couldnt agree more. With that said every time I see a video of someone taking one of these off-road and putting it through it’s paces im Impressed. Combined with the couple videos/pics Ive seen of rolled ones certainly instills some confidence in its safety capabilities as well.
  17. 2022MY Bronco Sport Dates: Order Acceptance, Scheduling and Production Start

    I ordered 10/22 and also got an email today with Jan 24 build date Badlands Premium package No moon roof No 360+ assist Upgraded tires/rims Cargo shelf Hitch
  18. Thoughts on Snow Tires?

    thats really good feedback. In Minnesota we run into those conditions quite often. I was thinking ko2s we’re gonna be my nice middle ground to not run two sets of wheels/tires
  19. Ford recovery kit

    I appreciate the information everyone.