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  1. fistpumpbruh

    Weekly Roll Call on Production (Week of 12/06/2021)

    Anyone got the link to that post explaining the window sticker numbers? I can't find it.
  2. fistpumpbruh

    Weekly Roll Call on Production (Week of 12/06/2021)

    Ooooohhh SHIT it's happening boys!
  3. fistpumpbruh

    Weekly Roll Call on Production (Week of 12/06/2021)

    Just checked the tracker, my 12/6 BL + Premium package, 360+ went into production, no email from Ford yet, no window sticker
  4. fistpumpbruh

    Waiting room

    I do, yeah. Premium, no moonroof, with 360+.
  5. fistpumpbruh

    Possible new Bronco Sport Badlands owner w/some questions

    Disclaimer: I do not have my Badlands yet, BUT I wanted to add a +1 for the copilot 360+. I haven't been able to use Ford's self driving stuff just yet, but if it's anything like Subaru's or any other modern car manufacturers driver assist suite, it is absolutely worth the price. In my opinion...
  6. fistpumpbruh

    Waiting room

    Welp, just got pushed back to 12/6 from 11/29. Damn, was really looking forward to a christmas Bronco.
  7. fistpumpbruh

    Post the best photos you've got of your Bronco Sport

    MAN Area51 really POPs in that Moab red rock! First place I'm taking my Badlands when she gets here. What trails are you hitting down there?
  8. fistpumpbruh

    Production Week Slide

    I actually ordered like the last week in July, got my confirmation email on Sept 1st though.
  9. fistpumpbruh

    Production Week Slide

    Hell yeah, right in time for my birthday. The pandemic has pushed the delivery of a lot of things I've recently purchased toward the end of the year, so it's looking to be a nice holiday.
  10. fistpumpbruh

    Production Week Slide

    Got the same email today, first I've heard from Ford since the confirmation email back in September. Finally seeing an end!
  11. fistpumpbruh

    2022 BS Ford Published Production Updates [Updated 12/4]

    How does one check/bump up their priority number?
  12. fistpumpbruh

    Custom Infotainment Screen Bezel

    Anyone got a link to the amazon page?
  13. fistpumpbruh

    Just talked to my dealer, 2021 orders that were rolled into 2022 are locked in

    I popped in to my dealer today to see if I could make sure the 2021 build I submitted on August 17th would translate correctly to what the 2022 options were and to maybe see if I could change my color or add a tow package. I was told that the order was picked up almost as soon as I submitted and...
  14. fistpumpbruh

    First car camping trip with the Bronco!

    Oh nice, you built a platform, mind me asking how tall you are and how well you fit? I'm 6'2"and am toying with the idea of building a platform for my badlands when she comes.
  15. fistpumpbruh

    Route/trail tracker

    I like Trailforks, lets you switch between all sorts of different activity types and where to go do them, however you have to pay for it monthly. You get a 7 day free trial upon downloading the app, and after that its pretty much useless, but you google "ohv trails near me" and 9 times out of 10...