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  1. Weekly Roll Call on Production (Week of 12/06/2021)

    You guys are lucky. No correspondence from Ford except Oder acknowledgement. Shows in production on 11/08 and still there. It’s a 21 ordered on August 2.
  2. Invoice received by dealer

    Ordered BS OB on 2 August. Dealer had provided order number and VIN number few weeks back. Today he called and said they received the invoice. Looked on the Ford Tracker site (not working right now) and the Bronco Sport Forum Tracker site but still showing in production with no production date...
  3. Bronco Sport Production Suspended Next Week From November 1-5

    My sales fellow just called and said he just received the invoice. Still nothing from Ford and shows in production as someone said earlier. If invoice is received by dealer, does that indicate it’s finished or in transit?
  4. Production Week Slide

    We placed an order on the 1st of August and haven't heard anything yet from Ford except the acknowledgment email for ordering the Bronco Sport Outer Banks. I'm seeing the Outer Banks arriving at dealerships with four digit VIN numbers under 10,000. Mine's in the 30,000 and has been showing in...
  5. Bronco Sport Production Suspended Next Week From November 1-5

    We ordered ours 2 August. Tracker shows in production but never received an email from Ford with any updates. Did you get the Ford emails?
  6. Downshifting

    You should like me. My question was really an option for slowing the car down going down long steep interstate grades since we have no paddle shifters.
  7. Downshifting

    Neither is a Volvo XC60 but it can be downshifted. I guess you are one of those brake riders we follow sometimes that seem to love riding those brakes.
  8. Downshifting

    You are absolutely correct. This will be the first car we have owned that does not allow downshifting.
  9. Tracking definitions

    I have received no emails with updates from Ford on the Bronco Sport OB order. Last week, I called my dealer and he gave me the VIN number and order number. I went to the Ford website, signed in and added my VIN number. Then checked and they have no info about any orders. I did go to the...
  10. Downshifting

    We have a bronco sport on order. It is the Outer Banks model. No pattle shifters. We went to the dealership today and drove a used bronco sport Badlands. The fellow that went with us did not know how to downshift the transmission from whatever gears its in to the next lowest gear or the next...