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  1. Spider No Drill Roof Rack - low profile

    I’m in LA and have a BL with a moon roof. I would be willing to let him take a look. I will try to contact him.
  2. Post Pictures of Your Aftermarket Wheels Thread

    Stock Steelie spare on front. 235/r65/17 Falken Wildpeak AT3w on AVENTURE LP1 Rim rear
  3. Many Bronco Sport Owners Gathered For Big Trail Meetup in SoCal [Photos]

    Had a blast this weekend. Nice to have a herd of helpers on the day you earn the nickname “Double Flat”. Thank you all for the help and camaraderie. Looking forward to seeing all of you and more on the next one.
  4. Bronco Sport Sema

    Boo! This should be considered false marketing. Why show things you will never produce. Makes you wonder if Ford is strong arming vendors for auto sales. Most of the over 100 accessories from the last show have never arrived. Some small guys need to step up and grab some market. People are...
  5. [UPDATE] Trail Meetup in November 12TH - 14TH (SoCal)

    Sounds good. I have been waiting for a trip.
  6. Camping and tailgate electrical accessories

    If you want to run more than 400w you will need to get a power pack. Upside is you could run more than one appliance if it is large enough. You would also have the 400w available for something that size or smaller. You need to make sure whatever you are plugging in has a lower wattage rating...
  7. Revealed: Custom Build Bronco Sports to Debut at SEMA 2021

    Promises, promises. Hopefully some of these end up being for real.
  8. Backup Camera Relocation??

    I was thinking of getting a rear spoiler and moving the camera up to there. The wiring should be long enough as it comes from top of the door. Could slip the wiring past the brake light assembly and under the spoiler. A little trimming to make it work. Not sure I’m willing to drill a hole...
  9. Anyone have rear spoiler?

    I was thinking about getting one to mount my rear facing camera in. I want to use the interior spare tire space and the rear hitch mounted tire racks partially block the camera’s view. Since the door swings up all the wiring should already be long enough to move it. The brake light is right...
  10. Small aluminum utility trailers

    That’s it. Memory is the first thing to go.
  11. Small aluminum utility trailers

    Check out It is 4x8 though it does fit an ATV.
  12. SEMA 2021 Wishlist

    Replacement Rear Bumper w/swinging Tire Mount. Replacement Front Bumper w/Winch Real skid plates. Rock rails (with integrated lighting) Goose Gear type plate for rear seat removal. I would settle for the over 100 products we were promised a year ago. Not even blaming it on COVID. Shame. It...
  13. Front bumper from 4WP

    Very disappointing them telling us they had so many aftermarket vendors lined up only to see there are hardly any. Didn’t they claim over 100 vendors a year ago? Would like to see some bumpers and rock sliders with integrated lighting. Looks like we were sold a bill of goods.
  14. Fasteners -- Metric, SAE, or both?

    Thank you. Been awhile since I have had a new American car. This info will certainly lighten the tool bag.
  15. Fasteners -- Metric, SAE, or both?

    Can’t seem to find anywhere that will state what kind of fasteners are used on the Bronco Sport. I have a 1990 F-250 that has both. Wondering if things have ‘advanced’ to all Metric by now. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thx.
  16. California Badlands Stock OEM Wheels for Sale (4)

    I’m interested and close by.
  17. Dash Cover

    I live in Socal and use these on all my vehicles. Prevents the dash from cracking and helps keep things cooler. I have noticed in my sport it gets so hot I can feel it over the AC. It is jet black and soaks up the sun. As far as your speakers go, it is a piece of thin carpet. Your speakers will...