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  1. BSPittsburgh

    Weekly Roll Call on Production (Week of 12/06/2021)

    That's really weird. I also just clicked through what I think was all 31 2022 badlands and there was not one that came with the Premium Package. All base BL some with a cargo mat or floor mats and a couple with the Falken A/Ts but very basic group of cars.
  2. BSPittsburgh

    Weekly Roll Call on Production (Week of 12/06/2021)

    They get $3500 cash back?!?!?!
  3. BSPittsburgh

    What warranties did Ford try to sell you at signing?

    I second this question. I have never bought a new car before so any advice or perspective would be great.
  4. BSPittsburgh

    Weekly Roll Call on Production (Week of 12/06/2021)

    Nice! I ordered 11/2 and was ballparking a late January build for a March delivery but this may mean good things for my order. Did you get a moonroof?
  5. BSPittsburgh

    November 2022MY Builds To Replace June Builds For Lot Rot Title

    The effected production date window ended on 11/11, which if I am not mistaken they had push all 2022MY production dates beyond. So I don't think any 2022MY builds are effected.
  6. BSPittsburgh

    Weekly Roll Call on Production (Week of 12/06/2021)

    That seems about in line with most that ordered in Sept. I ordered early Nov and am just trying to keep apace with when I can expect a build date
  7. BSPittsburgh

    I bit the bullet and ordered a '22 Badlands

    I thought you said in another thread they are building every week in Jan now?
  8. BSPittsburgh

    Official ALTO BLUE Bronco Sport Thread

    We need pictures!!!
  9. BSPittsburgh

    Western PA

    I am in Mt Wash! But I don't think my OB will show up until March or April...
  10. BSPittsburgh

    Weekly Roll Call on Production (Week of 12/06/2021)

    Anyone who ordered late October/early Nov have build dates yet?
  11. BSPittsburgh

    2022 BS Ford Published Production Updates [Updated 12/4]

    Question: I have an order number and tracking number from an email my dealer got. This was hard for me to get even though I begged them for confirmation for two weeks after I placed my order. Since I never got this info from ford, I doubt I will get an email with build date and VIN on it. Is...
  12. BSPittsburgh

    Bronco retro fender script

    Where did you get it?
  13. BSPittsburgh

    ⏱ 2022 Bronco Sport Scheduling Upcoming Week (11/15) For 4 Build Weeks in January!

    Mine told me possibly no build dates for any Sports with Moon roofs in Jan or Feb but I left it on there. Come one how hard is it to get a damn moon roof...
  14. BSPittsburgh

    Ford back 2 work?

    So many people default to thinking everyone elses job is so easy and everyone but them and the people they know are lazy... it is baffling
  15. BSPittsburgh

    Question: Still awaiting order confirmation?

    Your order preview has a price on it so you should be good. They have no incentive to order it for dealer stock because it will just delay a guaranteed sale. The custom order bank gets cars delivered faster that don't count against their normal inventory allocation, if I am understanding the...
  16. BSPittsburgh

    Question: Still awaiting order confirmation?

    If you signed a price agreement, which along with the drivers license is how Ford "verifies" it is a true customer order (not dealers just submitting fake customer orders to try to game system and get more inventory to sell on the floor) then they cannot do any market adjustments. I think most...
  17. BSPittsburgh

    Moonroof issue?

    My dealer got the confirmation for my order the next day. It just took me three calls and over a week for them to share that info with me.... I would like to use this thread for updates on Moonroofs. My dealer really wanted me to get it without so I am wondering if it will take those of us who...