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  1. REVIEW, 5.5k miles Big Bend

    I've taken it on everything except river fording. I never had any problems and I'm driving stock everything, including tires. The rule is better safe than sorry with offroading, but that only means don't be reckless. Explore gingerly at first, try things out, and you'll gain confidence.
  2. Many Bronco Sport Owners Gathered For Big Trail Meetup in SoCal [Photos]

    Dang, nice! Message me about another meetup, I would love to go.
  3. REVIEW, 5.5k miles Big Bend

    After reading and watching a ton of reviews, I wanted to put my thoughts in now that I've driven on/off-road for a decent number of miles. OFFROADING Mindblowing how good even the BB is. I used to own a raised Wrangler with giant tires and did some off-roading with that, along with off-road...