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  1. Steinfeld9

    Moonroof...please explain why you would want one...

    Why would anyone get it on a Bronco Sport? Because it's an off road capable vehicle where you want the airflow and open feeling. It doesn't reduce any roof rack usage. I have my tent up top, and open the window without any issues. If you are going to get something custom made to sit lower, then...
  2. Steinfeld9

    Moonroof...please explain why you would want one...

    How are you getting more sun in your eyes when it comes from the top? Not once have I ever closed it to stop me being blinded. Stopping the sun beating down on my head yes. Sun in my eyes no.
  3. Steinfeld9

    15,000 miles First Edition Bronco Sport - review, pics, video

    The Tent is great, the one I have is only 98 pounds it's the 2 person yakima one. The weight restrictions are fine. I believe it's like 600lbs static and 150 dynamic weight. It doesn't feel top heavy in the slightest either. The sun roof still has plenty of clearance to open, the only issue is...
  4. Steinfeld9

    Moonroof...please explain why you would want one...

    Personally I love mine, it's nice to have when off-roading for natural air flow without having an insane amount of dust getting in the vehicle. Plus having the sun shade makes it so it doesn't really cause any issues when the sun would bother you. Plus when driving down the highway you don't get...
  5. Steinfeld9

    REVIEW, 5.5k miles Big Bend

    Great review! I definitely have some different opinions on a few things having all of the options with the FE. The first thing is having the better interior I really appreciate. The leather with soft cloth combination is extremely nice and seems more comfortable than the base model I sat in. The...
  6. Steinfeld9

    15,000 miles First Edition Bronco Sport - review, pics, video

    Just hit 15,000 miles on my First Edition. I was the first one to have mine delivered and got to post on here giving everyone some idea of what to look forward to. I am extremely happy with my purchase after almost a year now. I have taken it off-roading, done plenty of highway driving, lots of...
  7. Steinfeld9

    After & Before: Hood protector and fender flares installed

    That rigid light bar looks nice, I'm definitely not doing the modification of drilling since I have a FE and don't want to ruin anything on it. Hopefully when these new bumpers come out it'll be easier to mount a light bar up front. Not a huge fan of the hood flare at all. Kind of curious why...
  8. Steinfeld9

    Before and After the OFFROAD Trip

    Yep same here, I actually really like my dealership but they are never getting any advertising with their license plate frame or anything else. It stayed on until the dealership paper plate came off and nothing after that. I think it looks bad and I'm not advertising their business for free.
  9. Steinfeld9

    Texas Off Roadeo thoughts and experiences?

    Yeah it's crazy how desperate people are to try and get these vehicles and putting themselves in deep for it. Also the grace period for a credit check on the same type of loan is 30 days. So although it may only affect it by a couple of points if you get it checked again, why take the hit if you...
  10. Steinfeld9

    Got An Interesting FordPass Notification Yesterday

    Yeah the whole app layout is different so I'm betting it was that, although there was an update to the sync 3 system recently so you can go update that too!
  11. Steinfeld9

    Texas Off Roadeo thoughts and experiences?

    I've been saying that people aren't going to be able to afford them since the beginning of the roll-out. Most people ordered/reserved them before Covid hit and with all the job losses and general cost of living increases across the country we are going to continue to see a lot of people who...
  12. Steinfeld9

    2022 Build & Price is Live!

    I went and looked at one of the big broncos in the velocity blue at the Bronco Off-roadeo event I went to and it definitely hides the dirt well!
  13. Steinfeld9

    2022 Build & Price is Live!

    Yeah I would 100% keep searching around, I got a 1.75% through my bank. My credit at the time was around a 760. I wish I would have seen that 0.9% mentioned. But good luck! I can't wait to see all the new colors driving around.
  14. Steinfeld9

    2022 Build & Price is Live!

    Super confused by mentioning the APR? Do most of you not take the loan out through your bank? The dealership laughed when I asked if they could get a lower rate than what my bank gave me. Also for anyone else reading this, look around the internet checking to see if your job allows you or if can...
  15. Steinfeld9

    Paint already chipped down to metal

    @ThruDark Yeah and this whole thread kind of was saying that it was just a bad luck hit with a rock. This is shoddy paint work. There's notwnumerous examples including yours and mine. Although the plastic scratch is pretty deep but not all that abnormal
  16. Steinfeld9

    Official CACTUS GRAY Bronco Sport Thread

    I called headquarters ford when I was dealing with the paint chip issue and the scratched panel from the dealership and asked about production numbers. Their words to me were "your dealership will have any paperwork or information about your vehicle." Granted I know for a fact that my dealership...
  17. Steinfeld9

    Area 51 First Edition

    Black Mountain Trail, it's east of Escondido in Cleveland National Forest. There's the main trail but next to it there is the Forrest Truck trail. That was from the truck trail, but I just recently took the black mountain one and it's a lot better with some amazing views, attached some photos!
  18. Steinfeld9

    anyone finding some of the easter eggs

    There's 3 versions of the Bronco Under the gas tank door. One bronco with surfboards on the back lift window, under the lift window there's a mountain range. Each front headlight has a bronco style horse on the sides, and there's a bronco horse in the rear cargo compartment light. Let me know if...
  19. Steinfeld9

    WHERE did you go with your Bronco Sport today?

    Took mine out to the trails, lots of dry ruts, quite a few rough steep inclines and a good amount of larger rocks. Handled everything great. Also that front camera is pretty awesome, not 100% necessary but nice to see in front where your hood covers your vision.