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  1. Weekly Roll Call on Production (Week of 11/29/2021)

    Tracker is glitchy and this happens a lot. Just try again later.
  2. Weekly Roll Call on Production (Week of 11/29/2021)

    Yep, this was essentially my experience when I was bumped. The dealer knew well before FMC notified me. +1 on calling your dealer. They will know.
  3. Sticker Interpretation Thread - MY22

    Mine has not updated yet either, but I was about 1 day behind everyone else in getting a window sticker so I'm hoping it changes tomorrow. My sales guy called me today to tell me it was being built this week.
  4. Need help…

    Regarding your question about BL fuel economy - you may have seen this already, but here's another thread discussing exactly that: Pretty good MPG with the Badlands! The short story is that it looks like most people are getting numbers that are reasonably close to the projected EPA rating...
  5. (Long) Trip Report: Big Bend National Park

    Awesome write up! Big Bend is one of my absolute favorite places in the country. South Rim trail is maybe my favorite hike ever. Can’t recommend this place enough! Thank you for sharing this
  6. Sticker Interpretation Thread - MY22

    I was under the impression that the sticker gets posted before the blend date is set, and then the blend date pops up on the sticker once they know the date it's actually going down the line. But I do not know if this is correct. My sticker popped up and status changed to "in production" last...
  7. Sticker Interpretation Thread - MY22

    Hmm, maybe I'm just missing it, but I don't see a blend date on that sticker. I wonder if the rest of us should be expecting to see our blend date. I've been waiting for mine to pop since I'm in production, but nothing so far.
  8. Sticker Interpretation Thread - MY22

    CERT is something to do with emissions rating I think, and most of those little boxes like RAMP and BUMP are related to the destination. NB is a destination code as well. Ford used to use "NA" in this spot for North America. I do not know what the NB code means specifically.
  9. Rat/mouse problem

    I had them in my toyota once too, but it was parked for a week at a trailhead while I was backpacking. I think they'll find a way into any vehicle if they want to. Interesting tip about the mint oil, I'll have to remember that.
  10. Rat/mouse problem

    unfortunately those little suckers can pretty much find a way into anything. If they can find a space that their skull fits through, they are coming in. I fight a constant war with them at work and I'm usually losing. if you are inside a garage, i would put traps around. There are also those...
  11. Weekly Roll Call on Production (Week of 11/29/2021)

    i think i have many of the same features as you, not really sure why i went into prod first. could be something in premium package is a hold up. i've got badlands, 360+, tow, but no PP or moonroof.
  12. Weekly Roll Call on Production (Week of 11/29/2021)

    Ah this is good info to know. Thank you.
  13. Weekly Roll Call on Production (Week of 11/29/2021)

    THAR SHE BLOWS! I specifically told the dealer I didn't want a front license plate bracket. That sucker better be easy to remove. Yes, I do need to have just one thing to b***h about 🤣
  14. What is this?

    I have been waiting my whole life for this moment
  15. Weekly Roll Call on Production (Week of 11/29/2021)

    Holy crap so am I! No notifications from FMC for me either, I just went into the tracker to look. I do not have a window sticker yet but the "In production" box is checked and Primary Status says "In production"
  16. Weekly Roll Call on Production (Week of 11/29/2021)

    Many signs now pointing to 11/29 kickoff. Let’s hope next week gets exciting.
  17. Badlands Production Week Changed

    Wow this is the first time I've heard of that happening. I'm scheduled for 11/29 as well (back from 11/8) so hopefully this is a sign that they are actually set to run next week.
  18. Rally Innovations light bar and skid plate installed on Bronco Sport

    Yeah I'm with you. I'd love to get some kind of front nudge bar, but I have yet to see anything that A) will not block the radar and B) is compatible with factory tow hooks on Badlands
  19. Weekly Roll Call on Production (Week of 11/29/2021)

    My last email from FMC came after my schedule week was already over. I too had to talk to my dealer prior to that to know that i was indeed delayed 2 weeks. Talking to your dealer seems to be the best way to go.