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  1. Pretty good MPG with the Badlands!

    I get about 19 mpg with my Badlands. City driving, but it's mostly driving in residential 30 mph stop and go. I would typically get 12-14mpg in my 2014 ecoboost limited flex.
  2. protection from brush

    What is a good method of protecting from brush scratches? Is Ceramic coatings the best cost effective method? Anyone use products like Rhinohide? Are there american made products similar?
  3. Virginia What are my options for brush guards?

    bump. What is the best side panel protection from brush scratches as well? Do ceramic coatings provide good protection?
  4. FordPass Wifi Hotspot

    So, if we go by this map, it appears that only the most desolate locations will have service. Have people found this to be the case?
  5. FordPass Wifi Hotspot

    Is there a map where access to the FordPass Wifi hotspot is available? I am assuming service is lost in many rural locations?
  6. Let the modifications continue...

    are those ipad holders or actual screens?
  7. Let the modifications continue...

    What is the rear entertainment centers?
  8. NOONE has waited longer than me!

    M&M said they waited 13 months..
  9. Roof Rack Info Required

    So do you know what the difference is between these and Thules that look the same but are twice as much? Specifically Thule 450R Rapid Crossroad
  10. Roof Rack Info Required

    Oh jeez, I saw that.
  11. Roof Rack Info Required

    what cross bars do you have?
  12. Recommended interior accessories

    What are people recommended interior accessories? I've seen the storage bin for behind the screen, but what are some others? Are there any suggested cup holder modifiers that will hold yeti type bottles?
  13. Resale values

    Doubtful the big bronco is for sale, and if it is, it will 10k over msrp min.
  14. $100 amazon gift card from Ford

    I think there was talk about some ford dealerships giving whiskey to people waiting on F150's.
  15. On this episode of, "Is this noise normal?"...

    I think I have the same issue. Is it a quiet grinding noise that sounds like it's coming from the engine right in front of the driver?
  16. $100 amazon gift card from Ford

    Did everyone else that had to wait many months for their BS get a gift card? I received this, this morning: Then the gift card this evening. Hello, We couldn't be more excited for you to become a part of the Bronco ™ family. By now you and your Bronco™ Sport SUV have been united at...
  17. Union Pacific Tracking Question

    That is when it arrives at the rail yard that the railcar will be unloaded. It will have to be transported by truck to its final destinations.
  18. Rain sensing wipers? Heated Mirrors?

    Yeah, the storage compartment is disappointing. Was hoping to be able to fit my work boots in it.