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  1. Turn down/off turn signal sound?

    I use the car’s speakerphone a lot. I use my turn signal a lot. The signal is so loud, my boss asked me if I was driving in circles. My Mazda 6 had an adjustable turn signal volume. Would be nice if I could turn this one down a click or two.
  2. Tips for removing Aeroskin II Hood Deflector?

    I’m sure the deflector will make a slight difference in MPG, 1-2 MPG tops, but definitely not 5 MPG. The BS is already a brick, a little bump on the hood can’t make the aero that much worse. And why would the efficiency change over time? Nothing is changing about the accessory or the airflow...
  3. Bronco Sport camp kitchen build

    Tools could be as simple as a circular saw (with a fine blade) with a straight edge, and a drill. Join with glue and screws. 1/2” birch plywood (commonly known as ”baltic birch”) is a good choice, and it’s available pre-finished. It’s just a box with some smaller boxes inside. Use 500lb rated...
  4. Personalized Plate Pics

    If it doesn’t pass, maybe try “BUCKN EH”. Because, stereotypes.
  5. Personalized Plate Pics

    I never considered myself the vanity plate kind of guy, but this was available and I couldn’t resist! DMV website said their lead time is 6-9 months, yikes.
  6. Bronco Sport Rear end collisions

    Whatever you get to stuff into the trailer hitch, make sure it’s ”shin friendly”.
  7. Ordering transfer questoon

    I should be clearer, it wasn't quite that simple....I still had to go through the negotiation process (Dealer: "Price is MSRP minus a $500 Ford rebate. 0% financing. Sound good? We'll be happy to sell it to the next guy in line if not." Me: "OK fine, you got me.") Then of course there was all...
  8. Ordering transfer questoon

    My dad ordered a BS but decided to buy a different car. When the BS arrived that he had ordered, I walked in to the dealer with him and bought it. There was no paperwork, just a verbal ok from him and the Bronco was mine. I don’t think he ever got his $100 deposit back though.
  9. Media Screen Mind of its own

    On rare occasions I get a blank screen when I should see Car Play. I can control calls and music via steering wheel controls. Unplugging the phone will fix it. Same has happened in other cars. Assuming a software glitch.
  10. Bronco Sport camp kitchen build

    I see you have it held down with a ratchet strap, any further thoughts on how to keep the box in place? I’m thinking of doing something similar but about half as wide. Without a tie-down point in the middle, a strap won’t do much.
  11. Wish Back Seat & Cargo Area Lines Up To Lay Flat

    Darn, I was kind of excited about gaining a couple inches of vertical space. Didn’t know there were multiple positions for the deck.
  12. How long did your stock tires last?

    Every tire has compromises, softer compounds create more grip but wear faster. For example, the Hankook tires that came on my Transit 250 had life left in them at 50k (some folks have pushed them to 70k), but they were designed for commercial use and long life. I replaced them with Cooper...
  13. Bronco Sport camp kitchen build

    Yes, it’s kind of a silly idea. Would probably go with a propane stove instead. To run a microwave would require several thousand in gear, including Li batteries, B-to-B charger, inverter, etc. Plus $800+ for a fridge. That same money buys a lot of burritos and sandwiches.
  14. How long did your stock tires last?

    Darn, anything less than 30k is pretty dismal for a modern tire. I’ve had a lot of tires go well beyond 50k. I’m in no hurry to replace the Wildpeaks, they have been a great tire so far.
  15. Bronco Sport camp kitchen build

    First custom camping build I’ve seen on a BS. Nice work! I have dreams of a fridge and microwave in the back of mine…I spend my work day on the road so buying lunch gets expensive.
  16. Hello from Falken Tires

    Really happy with the Wildpeaks on my Badlands. Can’t believe how quiet they are for how aggressive the tread is, even with 9,000 miles already. I’ll probably try to replace my Transit 250 tires with Wildpeaks when the noisy Cooper Discoverer AT3’s wear out. Traction in loose dirt, sand and...
  17. Hood bulge glare

    It’s not just the bulges, the majority of the hood surface is completely flat so there’s a lot of area to catch the sun. On a long drive it really does add to the fatigue. Thought about having it wrapped with matte black, but Ford did such a nice job with the design that I prefer my BS to appear...
  18. Torn underbody liner

    I have some of that thin gray carpet from HD, I bet I can slide it between the metal and the liner with some Gorilla Glue, and hold it together with a jack while the glue cures.
  19. Hate this dial shifter…

    I’ve already got 8500 miles on it, but the issue only started happening in the last 3 weeks. Definitely something wrong with the wetware.
  20. Hate this dial shifter…

    Half the problem is with my stress-addled head, and half is the design of the dial shifter. About 3 times now, I’ve accidentally shifted from Reverse into Park, meaning to shift to Drive. It’s just soo easy to turn it the wrong way. Only once did I hear the pawls grind in the transmission, but...