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  1. Power Man

    15,000 miles First Edition Bronco Sport - review, pics, video

    We are at almost 17000 miles…no issues so far…loving it. We are 28 mi/gal life time on Bronco Sport Outer Banks.
  2. Power Man

    Bronco Sport Outer Banks - should I?

    Jonesy…you will love it…we have over 16,000 miles on it and it still attracts attention just about every where we go
  3. Power Man

    Striped Sport at SEMA

    Yes, I found this model about 3 months ago and turned it into aa model of the one we actually have…
  4. Power Man

    Wheel Spacers

    I added 1 1/2 inch spacers to align better with the Bushwacker fender flairs…looks good.
  5. Power Man

    Zero problems, miles driven, Sound off peoples

    March 23 delivery…13789 miles…a great ride.
  6. Power Man

    Ford vs aftermarket accessories?

    JCornford…I have an internal bike rack for the Bronco sport. It came with my Bronco Sport but I did not want it. I paid $280 but will sell for $120 which is about half of what they sell for out of assessories brochure. Let me know if interested. I live just north of Columbus in Sunbury.
  7. Power Man

    Underhood insulation/cover

    My outer banks has one
  8. Power Man

    Odometer reading going up real fast

    BSB75...I too have thought my Outer Banks was running up the miles quickly. You post got me wondering. Went out on the interstate highway that had mile markers. Tested it on 10 markers and in was right on. I guess we did drive over 6800 miles so far.
  9. Power Man


    After 5200 miles, my lifetime mileage is at 28.9 MPG
  10. Power Man

    My Bronco Sport on Nitto Grappler 265 60R 18

    Like the flares too. I had nine accessories added to mine and the fender flairs get just about all the comments...along with the hood scoop.
  11. Power Man

    Unofficial MPG thread for the 1.5L

    I am at 28.4 at plus 4000 mi on lifetime mileage for
  12. Power Man

    Train horns, baby!!

    I may have to do this...I have a 160 decibel train horn in my 69 Bronco. I have it hooked to the steering wheel button. It gets their attention.
  13. Power Man

    Unofficial MPG thread for the 1.5L

    Good blog...I now have just over 4000 miles in my OB bronco. I set the life time mileage when I got it...and it is at 28.4 combined. I am very pleased. The 2020 Titanium Escape was at 27.4 after 16,000 mile, so the new bronco is doing better. The escape is what we traded in on the Bronco...
  14. Power Man

    Why Sport vs Base model full-size Bronco?

    I got the BS sooner than the G6 Bronco. I am ordering the G6 now, but have been told a 9 to 12 month wait...driving Sport in the mean time.
  15. Power Man

    Extra room under the hood

    Definitely the air horn...have one on my 69 bronco.
  16. Power Man

    First Look at Hood Scoop accessory on Bronco Sport

    We had nine options added to our OB. My first one was the hood scoop. They did a tremendous job designing this scoop. My 1969 bronco has an active scoop, my mustang has a scoop, so I had to get one on the new BS. As you all know, this Bronco is a people magnet everywhere we go. The first...
  17. Power Man

    Official CACTUS GRAY Bronco Sport Thread

    I thought I had posted on the Cactus Gray thread...but here is ours received on March 23.
  18. Power Man

    Body side molding anyone?

    Wiyety, I do not feel they stick out far at all. See pic below.
  19. Power Man

    Anyone install Body Side Moulding?

    PaulM, yes I got the side molding. It was one of nine accessories that I ordered the dealer installed mine...see pic below.