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  1. SportWest

    Pretty good MPG with the Badlands!

    Same with the 1.5L, based on my calculations vs. the computer. The fuel economy numbers reported here make me want to order a 2.0L Badlands at some point -- paying a bit more for the extra power seems worth it.
  2. SportWest

    Weather Alerts

    Aren't the weather alerts provided by SiriusXM? Might be worth raising the issue with them.
  3. SportWest

    Anyone install Aeroskin Hood Protector on their Bronco Sport?

    For anyone with the hood protector installed (with bump): have you noticed a decrease in the number of bugs that accumulate in the 'trench' above the windshield?
  4. SportWest

    I bit the bullet and ordered a '22 Badlands

    Carvana is offering me ~$1,000 more than I paid for my Big Bend even with 8,000 miles on it. Tempted to put in an order for a 22 Badlands for the 2.0L engine but will have to drive an old car for several months. Guessing a Feb/March build date if put in soon.
  5. SportWest

    Best Bang for your Buck Modifications?

    The "BabyBro Cargo Management System," first shared here. A few other posters and I blatantly copied this and it's worked great. This setup goes above and beyond a typical after-market cargo organizer because the four expanded crates fit almost perfectly. The only downside is that I have a...
  6. SportWest

    2022 Build & Price is Live!

    Not really. Many BB features (e.g., zipper pockets) are moved to the 'convenience package.' Universal garage door opener is also available. See here for all MY22 changes.
  7. SportWest

    2022 Build & Price is Live!

    Excellent choice. VB is Ford's best color imho. Please share pics once you get the roof wrapped. I've only seen a few low-res ones of the Sport w/ white roof.
  8. SportWest

    What is my BS Base trying to warn me about?

    This is all I can find in the owner's manual, however your trim isn't equipped with intelligent access... "Keyless Warning Alert: Sounds the horn twice when you exit your vehicle with the intelligent access key, after the last door is closed and your keyless vehicle is in RUN, indicating your...
  9. SportWest

    My 2¢ for those ordering 22 models

    Many of the 'unique' colors that look great on the Sport -- Cactus Grey, Area 51, Cyber Orange -- look terrible on the Mav and/or Ranger for those reasons. The Sport's shape and black/dark grey trims open up a lot of color options which don't look nearly as good on larger or 'chunkier' vehicles...
  10. SportWest

    If I was redoing the GOAT modes

    I know Ford's design principle is to start the car in 'default' with respect to GOAT mode, etc. But I'd like a menu option where you can override and pick which mode is selected upon vehicle ignition. During the winter I'm almost always on 'slippery.' Some people would set 'sport' as default...
  11. SportWest

    2022 Build & Price is Live!

    Ford offered 0.9%/60 months earlier this year. Ford Financing had the best rates, even with aggressively shopping around. It's good to have a few in your back pocket when visiting the dealer but no one could beat or match Ford's rate at the time. Wireless connectivity + wireless charging would...
  12. SportWest

    2022 Build & Price is Live!

    I've toyed with the idea of getting a '22 Badlands for the 2.0L engine, but not having wireless Sync 4 would be bummer if getting another new car. Any idea of when the Google platform will be rolled out across the models?
  13. SportWest


    Paddle shifters. See here.
  14. SportWest

    *Almost*Left me stranded with only 206 miles on it

    Same thing happened to me and a few others (see this thread). No further issues with mine since it happened back in September. Definitely get it checked out: the service advisor told me they have reports of something similar happening if the transmission harness is faulty.
  15. SportWest

    New Recall By NHTSA For Bronco Sport Moon Roof

    Main reason why I didn't get an upgrade package in MY21, almost impossible to find a Sport on the lot sans moonroof but with BB/OB/Badlands package. Glad they separated out the moonroof in MY22 from the rest of the upgrades. (I know in MY21 you could order sans moonroof but this was through...
  16. SportWest

    Liftgate Does not Open with Intelligent Access - but Glass Does

    +1 -- this is exactly what happens to me. While the liftgate does not open when I press the button on the gate, I noticed both rear turn signals still flash.
  17. SportWest

    How long did your stock tires last?

    Good to hear, my BB has Michelin tires on the optional larger wheels. They look great but will cost a bit more to replace compared to the stock BB wheels. Fwiw, Continentals have received the most complaints on here and other forums.
  18. SportWest

    How long did your stock tires last?

    What manufacturers land in the 30-50k range, assuming fairly typical driving? I don't know much about who makes good tires these days.
  19. SportWest

    Wish Back Seat & Cargo Area Lines Up To Lay Flat

    Probably not. You'll need a full-size spare or something for the platform to rest on when you slide it into the upper notch. Otherwise, the platform has a tendency to slide off the 'lip' near the hatch and fall down, so the platform slopes down from the upper notch to below the hatch deck.
  20. SportWest

    FYI - Just revealed/introduced - Ford Explorer 2021 Timberline

    Agreed, but for the 1.5L trims, the Timberline is probably more capable for dirt roads and camping trips, except maybe on narrow trails. I know a few folks who like the Sport but passed because it's not big enough for their families. If they can spare the extra $ and want an 'outdoorsy' but...