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  1. retiredguy

    Anyone else purchase the Zurich shield paint protection? Worried after reading some reviews

    I noticed there are a number of complaints filed with the BBB and the kit can be purchased on EBAY. I have no experience using this product.
  2. retiredguy

    Just got mine! Thanks for the Add.

    Beautiful! Enjoy your new ride.
  3. retiredguy

    Anodized bolts on Bushwacker Fender Flares

    I like the look. I left the bolts on that came with the fender flares. I like the look again the black.
  4. retiredguy

    3D printed phone mount I made

    Looks good. I leave my phone in the slot below the radio.
  5. retiredguy

    15,000 miles First Edition Bronco Sport - review, pics, video

    I have 12k on my BL and to date no issues. Only thing I've done so far is oil change and tire rotation.
  6. retiredguy

    Resale values

    I was surprised the offer was that high. The offer is good for a week with no limit on the miles.
  7. retiredguy

    Picked up my Sport today

    Congrats! Love the color!
  8. retiredguy

    Very impressed with my wife's BS OB

    The flares are not a difficult install. There is no drilling. They are installed with clips. Some people have reported that there were issues with the fit but my flares installed with no issue.
  9. retiredguy

    BL finally arrived

    Beautiful pictures! Enjoy your new BL.
  10. retiredguy

    Before and After the OFFROAD Trip

    Your BL cleans up nicely!
  11. retiredguy

    Very impressed with my wife's BS OB

    Glad you are enjoying your new ride. I installed the fender flares and splash guards in the front. It involves trimming the splash guards but it can be done.
  12. retiredguy

    Leather vs. Cloth Seat Comfort?

    I have leather and the seats are comfortable for me.
  13. retiredguy

    Media Screen Mind of its own

    Occasionally my screen blacks out when I use the USB port and go the Waze app when I am on the highway. If I unplug the cord and reinsert the screen comes back on.
  14. retiredguy

    Resale values

    I brought my BL to Carmax the other day for an appraisal. They offered me 44k. I was amazed the offer was that high.
  15. retiredguy

    Keep’em or Ditch ‘em

    Too bright. Go back to the OEM.
  16. retiredguy

    Failed Wrap Job

    I was quoted around $500. I passed.
  17. retiredguy

    New Recall By NHTSA For Bronco Sport Moon Roof

    Mine was built in early April and sounds like it's not part of the recall.
  18. retiredguy

    2022 Badlands with Premium package - Ebony/roast only option - really?

    I have the Ebony/Roast interior and really like it. I have received compliments on the interior by numerous people.
  19. retiredguy

    BS BL with BL package and moonroof

    I have the BL and before that a BB. The B&0 sound system sounds better than in the BB.