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  1. Made a Deposit on a 2022

    Sorry for the confusion, my order was placed & accepted on 9/9. I received an email from Ford last Fri with a VIN # confirming the 11/8 build week.
  2. Bronco Sport Order Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    Submitted, build week of 11/8
  3. Waiting room

    UPDATE: Got my VIN # and confirmation of the Nov 8 build week today.
  4. Floor carpet pulling away

    Same shoddy workmanship can happen in a union factory as well. My special Order '98 Dakota (built on a Monday) was missing a the driver's seat trim and had a defective windshield.
  5. Made a Deposit on a 2022

    I ordered an Cyber Orange OB with moon roof & cargo management, priority code 11, production week 11/8
  6. Fender bender in my Outer Banks

    Sorry, I didn't mean for it to come across as berating you. I was just trying to put the info out there.
  7. Fender bender in my Outer Banks

    Illinois is not a no-fault state. It is a tort state (in other words, law suit heaven) meaning that the insurance companies only have to pay the claim up to the percentage their insured is considered at fault. For example, if the insured is found to be only 80 percent at fault, the insurance...
  8. Cyber Orange available for 2022 Bronco Sport?

    On the Ford Order specs list for MY '22, Hot Pepper Red (HPR) is listed as a tinted clearcoat. The paint code - EA- is the same code for the HPR listed for the Ranger.
  9. Does price level 215 look right?

    Mine was 215, Priority Level 11, Production week 11/8
  10. Blackstone Oil Report - Bronco Sport 2.0 L engine and factory oil at 4200 miles

    The "gas" smell and/or gas in the oil seems to be common with the newer Ecoboost engines. There is a whole thread on this on the forum. The Rangers have the 2.3L engines. I have experienced the gas smell myself on my '19 Ranger.
  11. Cyber Orange available for 2022 Bronco Sport?

    I would have much rather had a Saber colored BS to match my '19 Ranger Lariat Screw, but the Cyber Orange is a close second.
  12. Waiting room

    Thanks for the advice. I have a '19 Ranger as well.
  13. Waiting room

    Order placed on 9/9 for Cyber Orange OB+Tech Pkg+Towing+Copilot, Confirmed on 9/14, Build week Nov 8 🤞 If it gets built that soon I will be pleasantly surprised, but not holding my breath Now I really need to work on getting my '15 Escape Titanium sold to help pay for the BS
  14. Cyber Orange available for 2022 Bronco Sport?

    I ordered a '22 Cyber Orange Outer Banks. In '21 Cyber Orange was only available on the BL & FE trim levels.
  15. This is the Bronco Sport Key Fob

    Your welcome. My '15 Escape fobs came with a small tag on them that spelled this out in pictograms. My '19 Ranger has the exact same fob as yours and did not come with the tags, so if you have never had this type of key fob how would you know. The dealership should have gone over this with...
  16. This is the Bronco Sport Key Fob

    You have to hit the lock button once, then the remote start button twice.
  17. Will plastidip hurt the paint on the back of my tailgate or on my grille?

    I have used the smoke plastidip on the emblems on my '19 Ranger with no issues. Several Ranger owners have done whole panels and one even did the whole truck. Check out the thread on
  18. SERIOUSLY???? 851 miles and this??

    I don't know about all new cars doing this, but I know that the Mustang Mach-e does this. At the beginning of July, I had my '19 Ranger in for warranty work and the dealership gave me their Mach-e as my loaner. It has the tranny selector knob in the console. Not bing used to this set-up, I...
  19. 2022MY Bronco Sport Dates: Order Acceptance, Scheduling and Production Start

    I have been ordering my vehicles for 23 years. The dealership I work with is 20 miles from home even though there 5 within a 10 mile radius of my home. All 5 have a lot of new cars on their lot that they want you to settle for or will find one for you and won't order anything. They say they...
  20. Removing Grill Letters

    TVD Vinyl Decals is another good place to get the overlays. I have their stuff on my '19 Ranger and am very happy with the quality and ease of install.