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  1. BroncoSportVA

    SiriusXM Traffic subscription

    You can check out this this and type in your VIN to get a look at your complementary plan.
  2. BroncoSportVA

    Oil change (BL) with pics of undercarriage

    Not sure if there's much information for BL. I finally did my first oil change at 7000 miles. The bash plate was a pain to remove because of its heft and needed a socket wrench to remove. I also need to remove 4 torx screws that attached the bash plate to the lower edge of the front bumper. I...
  3. BroncoSportVA

    Trip Report: Flagpole Knob, VA Via Dunkle Hollow Road in a Bronco Sport Badlands

    What an exciting trip report. Always wanted to get up to Flagpole Knob from the Switzer Lake side.
  4. BroncoSportVA

    My Bronco Sport real off roading (videos)

    This BS has tow hooks, which suggest that it's a Badlands. But you are right, I don't see any badges on the sides either.
  5. BroncoSportVA

    My Bronco Sport real off roading (videos)

    Love the comradery. There are quite a bit of "cosmetic" damages to the bottom - but to some they are a badge of honor.
  6. BroncoSportVA

    Not seeing much action in the Mid-Atlantic forum

    Hello from northern VA as well. I recently brought my BL to the Shenandoah mountains and Peter Mills OHV trail system for some minor off-road actions. Here're some photos from that trip.
  7. BroncoSportVA

    Thule AirScreen XT 44'' installed

    We are going on a long trip with a cargo bag on the roof and I can try to report the mpg with that. I was deciding between buying a hard shell roof cargo box (streamline but hard to store) vs buying this and using the soft cargo bags we already got.
  8. BroncoSportVA

    Thule AirScreen XT 44'' installed

    Bought the Thule AirScreen (roof rack fairing) and mounted on my BL. The L size has a nominal length of 44'' and it fits well between the roof rails. I have a set of Thule Squarebar crossbars and they used to make a pretty loud whistling noise on my previous car. With this AirScreen, noise is...
  9. BroncoSportVA

    Dealer Scam

    Sorry to hear that. If this is of use to future buyers: we went through all the options we wanted on our own on Ford's website (trim, color, tow package, mud flaps, etc) and printed out the whole thing. We then took the printout to the salesperson and sat down with him and went over the items...
  10. BroncoSportVA

    onboard nav kinda sucks, right?

    Does anyone know if the map will be updated wireless or is it something we have to pay for? I like the Ford nav. Maybe it's my phone, I find that Android Auto and google map take a while to boot up on the screen.
  11. BroncoSportVA

    Roof / roof rail measurements?

    The distance between the rails is 45 inches at the front and I think around 37 inches at the back. This is for BL.
  12. BroncoSportVA

    Overlanding in my Bronco Sport OB

    Looks awesome. So jealous being in the E Coast where just finding an OHV trail is a challenge.
  13. BroncoSportVA

    Toggling Different Display Items

    Sometimes having too much info on the screens that are supposed to help distract from the actual driving, just as too much screen time distracts from actual living...
  14. BroncoSportVA

    DIY Ceramic coating?

    I have seen people using AvalonKing ceramic coating - haven't done so myself though.
  15. BroncoSportVA

    Roof rack fairing/wind deflector: short to fit within roof rails or long enough to cover crossbar legs

    I have a BL and regular old Thule SquareBar crossbars. Always felt that the legs create the most drag (and wind noise) though the square crossbars don't help either. I am wondering if it's wise to buy a fairing that's longer than the space between the two roof rails so that the whole fairing...
  16. BroncoSportVA

    My Disappointing Experience with Granger Motors

    I watched this video a while back. It shows places where the dealer can siphon money off you - financing is actually the main part (they make money off the high interest loans you take up).
  17. BroncoSportVA

    DC/Baltimore area?

    NOVA here as well (Prince William County). Been keeping my eyes peeled for BS and only saw 2 (one Area 51 and one gray). Since BS are selling like hotcakes, I am wondering where they went. They can't be that rare, can they? Any suggestions for OHV routers or trails around this region?
  18. BroncoSportVA

    235/65/17 GREAT

    Nice look. I believe with the fake steelies - the off-road tires that come with them are of this size.
  19. BroncoSportVA

    Trade in

    My dealer super lowballed my trade-in of a vw jetta sportwagen. Their inspection was to find everything wrong to reduce the price from KBB, despite a number of invoiced repairs/maintenance work done internally (eg changed brake rotors recently) that should increase the value.