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  1. Lucked out today

    I wasn't even looking for a BS, but fell into a BB at the dealer back in April. Been pleased with it ever sense
  2. Zero problems, miles driven, Sound off peoples

    Purchased 4/21/21 off the dealer lot. Big Bend, Kodiak Brown. 1053 miles zero issues.
  3. Blackstone Oil Report - Bronco Sport 2.0 L engine and factory oil at 4200 miles

    The way I'm racking up the mile (NOT) I'll probably just change the oil at the one year mark. 900 miles since April.
  4. Trade for truck

    Buy what first your needs and wants, not to impress others. You'll be much happier!
  5. New owner - Things I'm surprised about

    I've got a BS BB and none of this stuff bothers me. Great little truck.
  6. Zero problems, miles driven, Sound off peoples

    Only 850 miles, and bought in April (wife's car). Big Bend, Kodiak Brown. Drives great and no issues.
  7. Is it a jet engine?

    Yea, lots of stuff to cool done and shut off when to park it.
  8. Is the moonroof history starting in 2022?

    I have to agree, a moon roof is an expensive waiting to happen.
  9. My Outer Banks is finally here!

    Enjoy it, congrads!
  10. Custom Cargo Drawers and Slides

    Looks like a very interesting and useful build.
  11. Now the windshield!

    Sucks, but at least it is repairable for free.
  12. Kelley blue book review

    I'm happy with the 1.5, It drives great and has all the power I need. And I'm getting just over 27 mpg, but I only have about 750 miles on it, ought it in April,
  13. Flip-Up Rear Glass - An Essential Feature?

    I Don't belie it would have been a deal breaker, but it has it's uses, even if more limited than the older model Escapes. I had several Escapes ( 2002 to 2012) and loved the flip up glass. Bought a 2016 Escape and hated it. Not so much for the lack of the flip up glass, but gust for the ugly...
  14. How to increase my bronco's engine noise?

    Would love to have a Grand Torino to cruise Main Street!
  15. Where's My Indiana Hoosiers?

    August update. I have a whole 789 miles on it (its the wife's). I've driven it a few times and still like the feel, just short trips to Fortville, Greenfield and the commissary. I do miss the back-up sensors and front sensors I have on the Explorer, but not a deal breaker. Also getting to...
  16. Insurance cost versus prior vehicles

    My BS BB is less than the jeep renegade by about $50.
  17. Synthentic Blend to Full Synthetic?

    I'll be using synthetic blend, as I got fee oil changes at the dealer as part of the purchase. Five oil changes with in the first two years or 25000 miles. It's the wifes car so we won't be butting many miles per year, so i'll probably get the oil changes at the 3000-4000 range.
  18. Interior scratches easily from a dog?!?!?'s am off rod vehicle. Scratches and scuffs are to be expected. Just like my F150...I hated the first scratches, but then it is a work truck, not a mall cruse.