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  1. BagOJuice

    Trail rig! Yakima platform rack installed. Still more to add

    No crossbars are needed for this yakima rack. There are attachments which allow you to use a keyed lock. I believe those are separate purchases though.
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    Trail rig! Yakima platform rack installed. Still more to add

    I personally have not found myself wanting the side rails. i also use ratchet straps
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    Trip Report: Bronco Sport in the Deep Soft Sands of Lost Highway 87 (SE TX)

    Been out on the beaches near me a lot with my Badlands also, handles the sand perfectly. One of my favorite places to go with my BS. Tossing the back seats down, inflating a mattress for the back and lying out and camping on the beach, a summer staple.
  4. BagOJuice

    Why Sport vs Base model full-size Bronco?

    I chose the Bronco Sport Badlands in January and i could not be happier. I use this as my daily driver for my commute to and from work so while off road capability definitely a factor in my purchase it was not the end all be all. The BS Badlands has all i could want, solid MPG (26.3 mpg over...
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    Off Roading in sand

    Yup, still use the compressor pretty frequently. Id still recommend it. Its pretty quick, compared to other compressors ive had. I would say the entire process of airing up from ~16 to ~33 takes around 2 minutes per tire.
  6. BagOJuice

    Tire Decisions 235s vs 245s

    I went with the cooper discoverer AT3 at 235/65/17 size. Absolutely love them, didn't want to risk any rubbing or suspension problems with the 245. Been off roading a bunch with them and have worked perfectly. Love the look as well. Then again, im also not looking to get a lift anytime soon so...
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    Bronco Sport meet up

    sounds like a good time
  8. BagOJuice

    Bronco Sport vs Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk Head-to-Head Review

    Great review... but my god them amount of salt from Jeep fans in the comments, both capable vehicles, god forbid someone prefers one over the other...
  9. BagOJuice

    Interior lights with hatch open

    Update: I’m impatient and they turned off after a few minutes
  10. BagOJuice

    Interior lights with hatch open

    Anyone know how to turn off the interior lights with the back hatch open? I could have sworn last time I hung out with the hatch open they were off but at the beach now and they are just staying on… thanks in advance! It’s a great view but this dang lights are just such a pet peeve right now!
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    Roll call for tri state

    i went up to Vermont with my Badlands for some off roading... good times. enjoy
  12. BagOJuice

    Tires way overinflated at delivery

    same here... when i got my Badlands in January i noticed the tires were at 40 and 41. Seems to be a thing alot of dealers do, idk if theres a reason that im not aware of or just careless but i lowered them to 33 when i got home from the dealer
  13. BagOJuice

    Bronco Sport Off-Road Driving Impressions

    Been off roading on dirt roads like OP posted and pretty much weekly driving on the beach. The Bronco Sport has handled everything without an issue. Been on both beaches with VERY deep and soft sand to more compact with jagged rocks poking through the surface. Passed by and offered to help many...
  14. BagOJuice

    Spotting other Bronco Sports

    Ive seen a handful near me but not many. Although there is another badlands down the block from me oddly enough. Got mine in January, for a long time i was the only one in my area with one! strange feeling
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    Badlands Sport Proves It’s No Little Brother on Hell’s Gate

    Really, really impressive. made it look easy. love watching this kind of stuff
  16. BagOJuice

    Bronco Sport Badlands dies crossing 20" of Water

    And then theres videos like this of people waterfording sucessfully in pretty deep stuff... I wonder if there were production issues on some sports to keep that stuff dry. Regardless, that sucks, good luck, i hope they cover that for you
  17. BagOJuice

    Trail rig! Yakima platform rack installed. Still more to add

    Thanks! Wind noise is a little increased but not bad. I was expecting worse to be honest. I havent packed it out yet though, only with recovery gear for a beach trip so far. So i cant say how that will be with more gear on it.
  18. BagOJuice

    Roll call for tri state

    New Yorker here. Had mine since mid January and love it.
  19. BagOJuice

    Trail rig! Yakima platform rack installed. Still more to add

    Thanks! this is platform b, im unsure if K would fit on a sport or not.
  20. BagOJuice

    Trail rig! Yakima platform rack installed. Still more to add

    Thanks! I ordered mine through REI. They are partnered with Yakima and licensed to sell their stuff. Just make sure you get all the pieces. I ordered the timberline towers and lock n load SL adaptors with mine so I can attach the rack to the factory roof rails without the need for a cross bar