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  1. realworld51

    List of Parts Suppliers for the 2021 Bronco Sport

    Seen in the September 27 edition of Automotive News.
  2. realworld51

    1.5 Engine at highway speeds

    I consider highway gas mileage for the 1.5 to be very respectable. Check out my 1k-mile drive from Detroit to D.C. and return…
  3. realworld51

    SiriusXM won’t work sometimes

    The fix for SXM issues is the latest Sync3 update…
  4. realworld51

    Accessory Bumper Protector

    Perfect! Now, if only Ford would offer something similar for the bottom portion of the interior front door trim. You know, where I keep kicking with my boot…
  5. realworld51

    Show us the trailers hitched up to your Bronco Sport

    Nothing fancy, just my trusty 5x10 enclosed to take my motorcycle with me to Florida in winter and across the country in summer.
  6. realworld51

    Liftgate Does not Open with Intelligent Access - but Glass Does

    You’re definitely not alone. Same failure to ‘proximity unlock’ the liftgate after working flawlessly since January.
  7. realworld51

    Update to Sync 3, version 3.4 Build 21020

    Apparently Travel Link service has been restored. Weather functions not available on Tuesday 5/25 are now working. I took no actions for this…
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    Buy now or wait? (Didn't pre-order)

    Ford just announced today 5/19 that the Hermosillo plant will be down weeks of June 21 and 28. That’s not gonna help inventory. If you want one now, buy now.
  9. realworld51

    Bronco Sport - Bronco II

    My '86 B2 when new. There's something about blue...
  10. realworld51

    Remote start over wifi with the Fordpass app observation.

    Most definitely a battery-saving strategy. The ‘vehicle not used’ period used to be 14 days. Now it appears to be something less. Mine just went dormant after 6 days of my OB not being driven.
  11. realworld51

    Remote start over wifi with the Fordpass app observation.

    Fordpass app connects to your vehicle through an internet-connected network, hence the delay that can vary from a few seconds to a bit longer.
  12. realworld51

    What do you use to clean the OEM rubber floor mats?

    Simple Green and a soft brush in my laundry tub...easy and effective
  13. realworld51

    BS Crossbars on an Escape?

    Possibly? Check to see what they sell for 2019 and older Escape models. Here's the OE crossbar application for 2020 and newer Escapes:
  14. realworld51

    Bikes In the Cargo Area

    Unless you’re using the hitch to tow, this is still the easiest way to get the bike to the park trails.
  15. realworld51

    Adding Tow Hitch

    Here’s what a dealer-added hitch looks like. Not sure if this is an O.E. hitch. The bumper cover was not replaced. This photo from Automotive News.
  16. realworld51

    Bronco Sport: The Good, The Bad & Ugly

    That's a separate function on all models to keep the camera window clear.
  17. realworld51

    Bronco Sport: The Good, The Bad & Ugly

    It’s not exactly ‘wiper de-icers’. The windshield is heated where the wipers park. They still ice up when driving in snow and ice. 🤷‍♂️
  18. realworld51

    Questions about new order submitted

    My order confirmation email is similar. It did not show the trailer tow pkg but the actual dlr-entered order did include it. Ask your dealer to email a copy of the DORA (Dealer Order Receipt Acknowledgment) to you.