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  1. 2022 Build & Price is Live!

    Velocity blue is my favorite Ford color by far. You should be able to see it on some of their other vehicles on the lot.
  2. 2022 Build & Price is Live!

    Prices for cars will be up across the board for all vehicles next year, it's already started in current years cars for some manufactures.
  3. Off roading upgrade suggestions

    Yeah the Badlands skid plates leave a lot to be desired. They don't even have full coverage. Hopefully after market stuff pops up faster for the Sport than it did for the new Cherokee back in 2013 or whenever it first came out.
  4. Off roading upgrade suggestions

    The extra torque alone in the Badlands engine makes it much more capable. Brake locking tires sacrifices torque, even without the rear locker it'll be able to climb much better. The rear locker takes it up another notch above Base.
  5. What NAV do you use when no network available?

    So for road trips, I download off Google maps. You can download huge areas. I have all the West Coast download on my phone. For trail maps I use Gaia and a tablet I got off of Craigslist for 70 bucks. That's a really good budget option and works great. You just need to make sure the tablet has GPS.
  6. Real-world MPG Test Badlands w/wheel upgrade

    What's interesting is you see this with the Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk also, they use the same/similar AWD system from AAM. I think it's the disconnecting driveshaft that really ups the highway MPG. My V6 Cherokee only gets like 18 in the city but I get 28+ on the highway. It's only rated for 24...
  7. Anyone off road with base to OB versions?

    If Subaru can make it so can a Sport Base.
  8. Badlands VS. Outer Banks

    Yeah if you look at just the base specs they appear about the same, but the power on the 1.5 turbo is going to hit a lot sooner.
  9. My Bronco Sport real off roading (videos)

    He's mostly being let down by those scorpions. I guarantee you Ford did all their testing with the Wildpeaks.
  10. My Bronco Sport real off roading (videos)

    It's got the bash plates and the tow hooks... Looks like a Badlands to me.
  11. My Bronco Sport real off roading (videos)

    To be honest the bottom of the Sport is not built very well for off roading. It has a ton of plastic and fabric underneath. This guy was also driving it very hard. He was driving up really deep dusty dry trails. No matter what you're driving you're going to get a lot of wheelspin. The Sport...
  12. Anyone Else Enjoy the Intelligent 4WD Display?

    The 4low in the Compass locks it into 1st gear and also locks the PTU so it splits the power font and back at all times. The crawl ratio would be at least in the 40's with a dual speed gearbox. JEEP® ACTIVE DRIVE LOW 4x4 SYSTEM Dial in optimum performance. The available Selec-Terrain® Traction...
  13. UPDATE: Help me decide on New A/T's for my Outer Banks

    I've used the Wildpeak trails in the snow on my Crosstrek and they did very well. this wasnt' daily driving just trips up into the Sierras. I did test them on some deep stuff tho and they plowed through very well.
  14. Catalytic Converter Protection

    It only takes 2-3 minutes to remove one, depending on if you need a jack. It's very difficult to catch them. It's mostly an issue in dense urban areas so they can hit a lot of cars at once.
  15. Catalytic Converter Protection

    Well it looks like the catalytic converter in the Sport is really exposed: Yeah, so if you're in an area where this is a problem these are going to be a prime target.
  16. Catalytic Converter Protection

    Where is the cat located? A lot of vehicles nowadays have it up in the engine bay. If it's tucked up there I wouldn't worry about it.
  17. Anyone Else Enjoy the Intelligent 4WD Display?

    The Compass 4low is just 1st gear, same as the Sports. The only vehicle in this segment with a true low range gearbox is the Cherokee. What's interesting is it turns out the Sport used the same line of AWD systems that's in the Cherokee...
  18. Offroad driving test: Subaru Crosstrek vs Bronco Sport

    I don't trust written reviews unless they say what trail they took. The recent Rivian reviews all gushed overs how well it did off-road and how the trial they took was only for top end 4x4s. The trail they took has a max rating of 5 out if 10. It'll look hard to people not used to off-roading...
  19. Offroad driving test: Subaru Crosstrek vs Bronco Sport

    I wish someone would do a test like this on the non badlands models. I'm very curious as to how the the AWD works without the extra torque and rear clutch pack.
  20. Learning to off-road

    It's used as sound deadening, I don't' know why they'd put it underneath the Badlands. That's a poor design choice.