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  1. Bronco Sport interior storage review - "it's like an REI in here"

    It depends on the size of the bike frame.
  2. Primer Videos Worth Watching For New Bronco Sport Owners

    The steering wheel stalks are pretty common in both their placement and their operation. Would you really want this information included in a video? Should brake pedal location and usage be covered as well?😂
  3. Bronco Sport interior storage review - "it's like an REI in here"

    We did not purchase the bike rack. We just take off the front wheels (our bikes have quick releases) and in they go!
  4. Offroad driving test: Subaru Crosstrek vs Bronco Sport

    Wow, some harsh critics in this thread! Having watched some of his other videos it seems he likes trying to get over an obstacle using “normal“ modes before he changes to something else. He wants to see how well the vehicle performs without the electronic aids. I think it’s a good way to see...
  5. Disabled auto start/stop with Forscan

    Secondary batttery is probably there to help keep things powered during auto stops (headlights, cabin fan, radio, etc).
  6. Used the built in Navigation program pretty extensively yesterday

    Regarding distance to turn, don’t forget that GPS is not 100% accurate. It has a tolerance that it works within. I’m guessing that you didn’t get out and measure the distance by hand, right?
  7. SYNC weather app. Very cool!

    I noticed recently that if you zoom in enough it shows wind direction and speed. Very cool.
  8. Disabled auto start/stop with Forscan

    I agree that the auto stop/start can be annoying, but it is a useful feature. The amount of fuel that is wasted on idling cars throughout the world must be horrendous. If I don’t feel like using it, a simple button press or a shift to Sport mode is all it takes.
  9. Zero problems, miles driven, Sound off peoples

    10,000 miles, mostly highway, purchased mid April. A few glitches with Sync but otherwise no problems.
  10. 2021 Ford Bronco Sport Base won't start. 300 miles. Was towed this morning.

    This is outlined in the owners manual. You said you were aware of a safety feature regarding the transmission, but you never bothered to look it up?
  11. Cross-Country Road Trip Completed in Badlands Bronco Sport

    What an awesome trip! Thanks for sharing.
  12. Ford Bronco Sport Shines in J.D. Power APEAL Study For Emotional Attachment and Excitement Level

    I love my Outer Banks. It is easily one of my favorite vehicles I’ve ever owned.
  13. SYNC weather app. Very cool!

    With the remnants of Hurricane Ida passing through my area recently, I had a chance to play around with the Sirius XM weather app and I’m pretty impressed. Not only did it show fairly recent radar data, but it overlaid that on top of a surface analysis map. It‘s tough to see in the picture, but...
  14. Parking and driving in the city

    Nice video. One of the reasons I wanted the Sport vs the full size Bronco was the dimensions and fuel economy. I do a lot of city and highway driving, so higher fuel economy and smaller size were priorities. I think Ford did a great job making the Sport just big enough.
  15. Bronco Sport Takes 5-Day Trip to Maine

    Lol, yep! If someone genuinely needs a big vehicle, that’s fine. But the hate I’ve seen lately just because the Sport is not 23 feet long, 9 feet tall, and diesel powered is just silly. I agree, the vast majority of what I need to do is covered by the Sport.
  16. 2021 Ford Bronco Sport Ditches 12V Powerpoints For USB Ports

    Did you not think that there would be production changes over time?
  17. Power “delay” or “hesitation”.

    Power loss with AC on is most noticeable on very small, very low output engines. At roughly 180 HP, I barely notice it on our cars.
  18. Recommendations on a cargo net for Base Bronco Sport?

    Your cargo area has 4 spring loaded clips for holding the handles of bags. It works well.
  19. Bronco Sport Takes 5-Day Trip to Maine

    I’m also a fan of the size and proportions. I overheard a man who is apparently much manlier than all of us combined badmouthing the Sport recently. “It’s so small I don’t even consider it a Bronco.” I’m not sure what he drives. A tank maybe? Anyway, for the rest of us who have nothing to...