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  1. Offroad driving test: Subaru Crosstrek vs Bronco Sport

    Not much of a contest! I do wish he would have said that this is the rare First Edition and you can get the same off-road tech on the Badlands for 33-36K. Either way, it was another head to head showing how good our Bronco Sports truly are!
  2. Ford Bronco Sport Shines in J.D. Power APEAL Study For Emotional Attachment and Excitement Level

    Not surprised. There's just something about the Bronco Sport. It's steadily climbed my list off all-time favorite vehicles. The appreciation I have for this vehicle just keeps growing. I have the BL and it's prowess off-road is impressive and on-road in wet and snowy conditions is super...
  3. New Member Here

    Welcome and enjoy! No more Kodiak Brown after this year!
  4. Zero problems, miles driven, Sound off peoples

    8400 miles on my BL since mid-January. Zero issues and I've used in quite a bit off-road. Mileage is much better than EPA figures which is another plus.
  5. Hail Storm, Cheyenne, WY. June 18, 2021.

    Sorry from a fellow Wyomingite. Used to live in Cheyenne. Hail alley for sure!
  6. UPDATE!!! SAD - My sweet little loaded AREA 51 Badlands R.I.P.

    Ugh sorry about your BS. As a Wyomingite, we all know to always be alert for deer (and bigger). The risk just increases from dusk on. You'll see a lot of us drop our speed significantly in the higher risk areas at that time. 70 down to 55 or so. They always say you don't become a true Wyomingite...
  7. Post Your Bronco Sport - Off-Roading Videos

    Some decent climbs in here.
  8. Anyone Else Enjoy the Intelligent 4WD Display?

    Yes! It's pretty cool to watch, especially off-road or on road during inclement weather. I like the front wheel drive bias until it needs the AWD/4WD to kick in. Pretty slick system!
  9. Mileage upon delivery

    6 miles and a full tank. 4500+ flawless miles now!
  10. MPGs

    Say what???
  11. Question about GOAT modes

    No, it should not do that. If you set a GOAT mode while in park and then go to drive, it will not change. Are you saying yours is changing or just going back to Normal mode? It should not matter whether you change a GOAT mode in Park or Drive it will stay that way until you turn the motor off.
  12. MPGs

    My Badlands is averaging a little under 27 mpg after 4500 miles and much of that is in the dirt. Mileage definitely went up a couple mpg after the break-in period. Frequently getting 28-30 mpg now on normal dirt 30-60 mph outings.
  13. WHERE did you go with your Bronco Sport today?

    Drove it around the property yesterday with 10 inches of snow to test modes. Didn't break a sweat at 10". Mud/Ruts seemed best overall. Slippery did allow for a little slip but not much. Used Rock/Crawl briefly but it seemed overkill. Sand mode seemed solid too. Even plain regular mode was just...
  14. New Bronco Sport "Torture Test" TFL Off-Road Review

    They found out what we already know! The Badlands/First Edition Bronco Sport is a legitimate off-road machine! Easy peasy with everything they threw at it!!
  15. Bronco Sport Exceeds My Expectations

    Congrats! I'm nearly at 4K on my Badlands and I love it more with each passing adventure!
  16. Got My Bronco Sport BL/BL

    Enjoy! You're going to love it!!
  17. Whats your BS's name and why

    Nothing yet (we'll see if it earns one down the road) I've only named two vehicles ever: 68 Bronco is Sherpa because it can climb anything. My Raptor was Thunder Beast because of the 6.2L and aftermarket exhaust. BL BS Hmmm.