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  1. Fossil

    Moonroof recall

    nope, but did hear of that on the Mach-E
  2. Fossil

    Ford’s Retractable Tailpipe

    if it were after market people would be clamoring to buy it 🤣
  3. Fossil

    Custom steel front bumper

    ordering a 2022 to keep my Raptor company
  4. Fossil

    My 2¢ for those ordering 22 models

    counting on projections coning true is like painting yourself into a corner
  5. Fossil

    Custom steel front bumper

    now if they extend a skid plate down and back to protect that boxy shaped structure under the bumper I'd buy one. then there's that whole missing radar thing problem
  6. Fossil

    Failed water pump

    I think the current 2.0L was a clean sheet engine first used in 2015/16 the previous 2.0L was a variation of the Mazda L engine.
  7. Fossil

    Aftermarket sway bars?

    are you saying you are adding a hitch and need a heavier bar? if so, according to you Ford already has a heavier bar in the parts book, apparently.
  8. Fossil

    Aftermarket sway bars?

    what makes you think they are too small
  9. Fossil

    off topic

    The wife and I got both doses early on (old people) and other than a sore spot on the arm no symptoms whatsoever. don't fall for that "someone on FB said" crap.
  10. Fossil

    Badlands VS. Outer Banks

    Not to discount your mechanics opinion but what 1.5L engine was he talking about? The 3cyl or the 4cyl? 2020 was the first year for the 1.5L 3cyl in the Escape and unless he's a Ford dealership mechanic he probably hasn't worked on one since they would be under factory warranty. It's easy to get...
  11. Fossil

    Is the moonroof history starting in 2022?

    Hurray!! no price gauging mandatory sun roof.
  12. Fossil

    Small aluminum utility trailers

    I'm afraid the price of aluminum has gone up as well. I'd expect what you're looking for will be nearly 4 time the price of your old steel one.
  13. Fossil

    Floor carpet pulling away

    Nope, union shop.
  14. Fossil

    My tires on my brand new vehicle are discontinued!?

    "Yeah, I can find them online. I was trying to find them locally so I could just get it replaced and be on my way."
  15. Fossil

    My tires on my brand new vehicle are discontinued!?

    not discontinued after all
  16. Fossil

    My tires on my brand new vehicle are discontinued!?
  17. Fossil

    Offroad driving test: Subaru Crosstrek vs Bronco Sport

    funny they avoided the one harder section. perhaps after the sube had issues on the easier sections
  18. Fossil

    Made a Deposit on a 2022

    gotta ask, did your BL/BL include the moon roof?