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  1. fourthgear

    How long did your stock tires last?

    Ours has Michelin tires & expecting at least 40-50K before I even think about replacements . I have used many Michelin Tires on my Trucks & Cars , the last set Michelins I changed out on my F150 had 70K .We will see how that goes , BS has over 5 K on them now.
  2. fourthgear

    remote window control

    That doesn't say anything about the hand held remote , if thats what the OP is speaking of .
  3. fourthgear

    SERIOUSLY???? 851 miles and this??

    Cool , I didn't know what Tranny was in the BS & just wanted to show how complicated modern ones are .
  4. fourthgear

    SERIOUSLY???? 851 miles and this??

    This is a video of the disassembly of a 10 speed 10R80 Transmission, not sure if it is what is used in the BS , but most likely a Mustang , but it gives you an idea of how complex these tranny's have become in some ways . I didn't get any sound , but they label stuff . At 48 min. he disassembles...
  5. fourthgear

    Badlands VS. Outer Banks

    The 1.5 has plenty of power , not sure what all the videos you watched , but the OB or the BL is a personal choice , if you like playing in the Mud or Rocks , the BL will be a better choice then the OB , but a daily driver , the OB can't be beat , my wife loves her's & we drove both before...
  6. fourthgear

    SERIOUSLY???? 851 miles and this??

    Looked like no tranny fluid pressure to the Torque Converter Clutches , it had to be stuck closed or restricted & its why the Tranny was slipping , the damaged Separator Plate ? May have had something to do with it or was damaged because of the stuck Valve ( high oil pressure separation...
  7. fourthgear

    Back up camera glare from the plate lights

    I don't see that issue at all , I really like the back up camera system .
  8. fourthgear

    My Bronco Sport real off roading (videos)

    Great videos ! That looked fun , I also liked your damage Video , I can see why they call them Bash Plates & not Skid plates , though they did there job . I agree , with the Fuel components on the Drivers side , there should be Bash Plates to protect them , nothing on the Passenger side , not...
  9. fourthgear

    Upset over missing engine cover!

    I have the tow package & have the threaded port for the recovery eyelet , that I will never use , the Hitch is a better point & not those hook up points for the safety chains on it .
  10. fourthgear

    Anyone Else Enjoy the Intelligent 4WD Display?

    Lower trims ? Not really , some of you Bad Lands owners really are a little arrogant . Low works pretty good , only a couple of touches to switch off the traction control , what's the hurry , if you already know your going to need them , it takes about 10 seconds to push the "Low" button &...
  11. fourthgear

    Old tech vs new tech - 1998 Explorer vs Bronco Sport Badlands

    Experienced driver makes a big difference .
  12. fourthgear

    SERIOUSLY???? 851 miles and this??

    so it wasn't the Valve Body ?
  13. fourthgear

    Are Fender Flares supposed to be paint matched?

    They can be removed & color matched if thats what is wanted .
  14. fourthgear

    Vivid Racing Bronco Sport build.

    Cutting Pinch Welds , would that compromise the integrity of the solid Body ? Will it survive intact with a 400' roll down a mountain side ? BL , it already has skid plates . The strange noise that exhaust makes , sounds like an one of those side by side UTV's . I like the winch .
  15. fourthgear

    K&N Air Filter

    I always apply the Sticker that comes with ( or used to ) the K&N that reads "STOP " with the info of a cleanable filter installed .
  16. fourthgear

    SERIOUSLY???? 851 miles and this??

    Valve body , interesting , well you did say it was slipping, but I would think more in line with theTorque Converter , but its hard to tell . The Valve Body can be removed with to pulling the Transmission, Torque converter , the tranny would need to be pulled , so they may be going after the...
  17. fourthgear

    Plastic on door edges and tire pressure sensor failure

    These are adhered pretty good to the Door , they don't wrap around , but do cover the edge of the doors . I believe they are factory , cant see the Dealer installing them ,but ya never know .