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  1. weekndr

    Badlands and First Edition are "delayed production" models

    I'd call BS. If they can't deliver the "First" edition, first. Then they fumbled and look like idiots - like Jeep did with the "Launch" edition of the Gladiator.
  2. weekndr

    Cargo Management System: Late Availability...

    I removed this on my order to hopefully prevent a delayed production slot.
  3. weekndr

    Order Deposit Amount?

    Only the $100 reservation made online. Order confirmed. Your dealer shouldn't be asking for more.
  4. weekndr

    Fuel Choice in Colorado

    Stick with the minimum octane level recommended by Ford. 87 is recommended for my F150 Ecoboost. TBD on the recommended octane for the Bronco Sport.
  5. weekndr

    Multiple non promotional Bronco Sport pictures found on Instagram

    I think it's not a bad thing to wait on the 2 and 4 door Bronco. They are almost completely new. Let them iron out first generation car issues, and expand the options list. The sport is 80% escape, so that lends to a more reliable experience out of the gate.
  6. weekndr

    Multiple non promotional Bronco Sport pictures found on Instagram

    Great find. I'm surprised there isn't more interest in the Sport. Granted, I would be in line for a 2 door if my lease wasn't up in JAN. But still, I think they look sharp. And love the Cactus Grey photo - reaffirms my decision.
  7. weekndr

    2021 Bronco Sport Price List (MSRP/Dealer Invoice Pricing) - All Models, Trims, Packages, Options & Accessories

    As the above shows, the optional "Steelie" wheel does not include the price of the off road tires. Unlike the online configurator, which automatically selects them for no upcharge. Here is my order receipt for my badlands showing this:
  8. weekndr

    Build & Price website is up for 2021 Bronco Sport

    What was the dealer's knowledge about accessories? Ford claims 100 Bronco Sport accessories at launch, but the configurator doesn't have much. Were you given an option to add accessories before delivery? @txbronc
  9. weekndr

    2021 Bronco Sport Order Guide! (Options, Packages, Equipment, Accessories Revealed)

    So you can option the Yakima Roof Tent on the Outer Banks, but not the Badlands trim. What gives?