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  1. Ford offering 0% APR financing on 2021 Bronco Sport

    @Granger Ford have you seen any financing details?

    I’m also pretty sure it has Co-Pilot 2.0.
  3. Bronco Sport is Eligible for A/Z Plan Pricing (Including First Edition)

    @Granger Ford thanks for the info. I’ll be contacting you when it’s time. Does the price of the plan increase as you near the end of the standard warranty or is it the same price at time of purchase? (I understand if it increases a little year over year- just don’t want to be surprised by a big...
  4. Bronco Sport is Eligible for A/Z Plan Pricing (Including First Edition)

    For me it would depend on cost/coverage. I bought a 10 yr/100k mike bumper to bumper warranty on my Subaru for $1500. Nice thing about Subaru is that you could shop dealers for the best price (post sale). Saved over $700 from the dealer I bought my car from. I can also transfer warranty when I...
  5. Current Bronco Sport Residual Values

    Maybe it’s the Navy Pier interior on the FE?
  6. Badlands and First Edition are "delayed production" models

    Yes, everyone that is ordering a vehicle sight unseen is much braver than I. I was willing to take a $100 (refundable) gamble.
  7. Bronco Sport Badlands and Other Trims Spotted On Way to Dealers

    Wait, what? I didn’t think they were supposed to be hitting dealer lots until Nov/Dec.
  8. When will we see First Edition in the wild?

    We’ve seen tons of pictures of all of the other models. I’d love to see some pics of the First Edition out on the road!
  9. Another AREA 51 Bronco Sport Badlands sighting - best look yet

    I have an Area 51 on order, I hope I don't get burned by this color. Several years ago I ordered an Escape (fleet vehicle) based on the website photos. In the Ford website pictures the color was forest green but when the car showed up it looked like "kermit the frog green". I was stuck with...
  10. Reserved and ordered.

    Prince Frederick Ford placed my order without any issues. I believe I saw a 800 number on the Bronco 6 g forum for Ford to call if you want to switch your reservation to another dealer.
  11. Bronco Sport Delivery Date

    Interesting thread over at the r/Ford Bronco Subreddit.
  12. Xplan available for Bronco Sport?

    I believe you have to be a member of MCA for 60 days before receiving a PIN.
  13. First Real Life Look at Area 51 Color on Bronco Sport Outer Banks

    More pics of Area 51 posted over at Bronco6g forum.
  14. FIRST EDITION Thread

    Does anyone know production numbers for the First Edition Sport? I recall seeing 2,000 but I also read 3,500.
  15. Order Deposit Amount?

    My dealership didn’t ask for anything beyond the $100 reservation.
  16. Ford offering 0% APR financing on 2021 Bronco Sport

    Ford is now offering 0% up to 72 months across their entire lineup. I'm wondering if this will still be available when we start taking deliveries of the Sport.
  17. Would you choose Bronco 4 doors or Bronco sport?

    4 door Sport is going to my Wifey too. I may try and follow your plan and buy a full size for me!