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  1. what divisive language hurt us the most or coke

    In Oklahoma, everything was a Coke. Even if it was a Dr. Pepper.

    Strange about homelink. My 2012 Focus even has something like that! Rain sensing wipers are on the OB only. Handy in the PNW (we have a bit of rain here) but not critical.
  3. 2021 Bronco Sport eSourceBook - 85 Pages of Specifications, Packaging/Options, Features And More

    Choices, choices. At least we are getting bronco sports!

    The esource book is an awesome reference on differences, esp at end. Lots of tradeoffs to consider. It seems like for like, the price is close. roof strength at speed might be a determiner. Likely I will stick with FE and look at
  5. Would you choose Bronco 4 doors or Bronco sport?

    Watching For Bronco Sport news (test drives, mpg, etc) I chanced upon renderings for a Bronco Sport Raptor. What is that about?
  6. Accessories not available for ordering

    At 125 pounds, that is not a tent that can go on the First Edition or the Outer Banks because of the moon roof. I dunno... i like the idea of the moon roof and in the PNW, we use it a fair amount, if nothing else than to try to get *some* light into the the otherwise gray. But I am feeling...

    it is in the configurator now.
  8. Bronco Sport is Eligible for A/Z Plan Pricing (Including First Edition)

    How do you feel about extended warranty? ingot it for my 2012 Focus which turned out to be a good deal cuz transmission had to be worked in so often. It’s finally ok but what a hassle.
  9. Roof Weight Limits?

    prob best thing is not to get ahead of myself and wait till I see the thing. No need to buy stuff this early! Waiting, waiting...
  10. Roof Weight Limits?

    Answered my own question, 1 1/4 inch, class 2 hitch.
  11. Roof Weight Limits?

    that looks like a great bike rack. I see it is for a 2 inch receiver. Do we know what size the Sport has?
  12. Roof Weight Limits?

    The moonroof (on FE) lowers the weight to 100 pounds which is going to eliminate all tepui tents. I guess I will be looking for a ground tent option. Too bad.
  13. Current Bronco Sport Residual Values

    That’s a bit disappointing for the FE.
  14. what does everyone drive while waiting for their Broncos?

    Orders are getting converted. It is going to be months before deliveries start. We are in the a long period of waiting. I am looking forward to some hands-on reviews by Road Show, Car and Driver, etc.
  15. Granger Ford here to answer your Bronco Sport questions

    My local dealer made an error in the order (wrong color and forgot an option). It took over a week to get that corrected. They showed me a screen shot of the order book and told me that the color had been corrected. Yet, when I go to My Reservations on, it still shows the wrong color...
  16. Badlands and First Edition are "delayed production" models

    When I placed my order for a FE, there were two items marked as "delayed production" The black painted wheels (which are standard on the FE) The cargo management system It could be the dealer noticed items like that and said it would be delayed. My guess is there is a lot to sort still. He...
  17. Xplan available for Bronco Sport?

    It is my first time trying to use this. Two questions When do you submit that? At time of order or later? When I look at, the Bronco Sport is not listed. I don't see how to generate a PIN
  18. Xplan available for Bronco Sport?

    Is that something you give them at the time of order or when you get closer to delivery?
  19. Bronco Sport Orders Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    Same thing happened to me. Dealer is trying to work with Ford to get the order corrected. It’s good to check your confirmation receipt I guess.
  20. FIRST EDITION Thread

    agreed. The grand scheme, wanted this long (and a year ago, who knew). Dealer said order what you really want. go with your passion and pocketbook, not calendar.