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  1. Bigbend410

    So,, are dealerships not getting BSs now?

    Yes. First car that I ever paid the dealers asking price. It was that or nothing. Broncos are in demand and because of computer chip shortage the dealers cannot get cars. I am not happy with what I paid but I am happy with the BS.
  2. Bigbend410

    Post your crossbar/basket/rack combo photos!

    My dealer gave me $500 for any accessory plus I had 42,000 Ford Pass points. So I got the Yakima Jet Stream cross bar kit which includes the bars, mounts, locks ($559) and the rubber floor mats ($170). The cross bars are very nice. They are 7” wider on both sides than the roof bars which allows...
  3. Bigbend410

    Poll: How did you buy your Bronco Sport?

    Lease was upon my 2018 Escape SEL 4wd. Was watching dealer inventory as they had 20 in stock various models. In two weeks all but one sold. I got the last one two weeks ago. Now they appear to be unavailable due to chip shortage. I was lucky to get it and lucky it was just about what I wanted (A...
  4. Bigbend410

    Did i forget to shift to park???

    Driving along say at 50 mph and you shift your automatic transmission into reverse. What happens? The transmission does not go to reverse, it goes to second gear. Similar with park gear. At speed it clicks until almost stopped then grabs. Not good for trans but not what people think would...
  5. Bigbend410

    Spotting other Bronco Sports

    Many years ago I bought a Porsche. When Porsche owners past each other in different directions we flashed out lights as a sign of recognition. At first it was fun but soon got old.
  6. Bigbend410

    So,, are dealerships not getting BSs now?

    Galpin Ford in LA area is the biggest Ford dealer in Ca. They also have dealers for numerous brands including Lincoln, Mazda, VW, Volvo, etc. I possibly got their last BS two weeks ago. They told me that because of chip shortage they had no solid information on when they would be getting more...
  7. Bigbend410

    Questions/Concerns about Adhesive-based Modifications

    BB model carbon gray. Driving toward sun early or late in the day I get bad glare off of the hood bulges. Wondering if anyone else has this problem? If so does anyone have a possible solution?
  8. Bigbend410

    Edmund's picks Subaru Forester over Bronco Sport

    For me the Subaru back seats don’t fold flat. That is a deal breaker as I am a “car camper” and sleep in the back. Another possible issue is the Subaru CVT that has potential problems. The BS also has more head room which is very nice when you are trying to get dressed or just sit up. The BS fit...
  9. Bigbend410

    Dolly towing behind my motorhome

    I assume the BS front wheels will be off the ground? If so, you only need two tow hubs for rear wheels and maybe able to use your stock wheels / tires. With drag cars you cannot tow with slicks That is why we needed another set of street wheels / tires.
  10. Bigbend410

    Dolly towing behind my motorhome

    Back in in the day we had tow hubs for the race car. They were bolted to the wheel lugs and tow wheels with street tires were bolted to the tow hubs. This way nothing in the drive train moved. Not sure if tow hubs still exist as all race cars are now trailered.
  11. Bigbend410

    Outer Banks vs. Badlands

    I have a 2018 Edge 2.0 a Lincoln MKC 2.0 and they both have considerably more power than the 1.5 four cylinder engines that I had in my 2016 and 2018 Escapes. That said the Escapes were both adequate and got better milage that the 2.0’s. Now the Escape has been replaced with a BS BB 1.5 three...
  12. Bigbend410

    Ford to halt production of Bronco Sport for 2 weeks in June due to chip shortage

    The ammo shortage is largely caused by horde buying due to instant media scaring folks. The average consumer is not buying chips but mfg companies are and if they are horde buying this may be part of the problem.
  13. Bigbend410

    Outer Banks vs. Badlands

    Two week owner of BB 1.5 L . It was the last one available in my area so I took it at sticker price. Drove it on a 1,100 mile jaunt thought Az. It averaged 29.9-34.1 at 70-80 MPH on highway. Not bad. Better mpg than my 2018 1.5 L 4wd Escape which averaged 26-28 mpg on same highways. BTW I lived...
  14. Bigbend410

    General topics

    Last week I leased a Big Bend 1.5 L engine. Headed for Grand Canyon I will post on how I like it, milage, etc. BTW looking for recommendations on roof rack cross bars.