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  1. Texas Hill Country

    Ooo... Whereabouts is that? Near Mason? Or further south?
  2. 235/65/17 Fits in Spare Compartment

    Yeah, not a surprise, but given that the 235's don't come with a 235 spare, I was worried that the size of the spare compartment might have been the reason for the difference. (It's still a 225/65/r17 Pirelli Scorpion spare even when you get the optional Falken Wildpeaks). If it's the post I'm...
  3. 235/65/17 Fits in Spare Compartment

    So this is probably not a surprise, but I couldn't find anything confirming it before I bought the 5th tire: A 235/65/r17 spare fits in the compartment aired up and on the rim. It also doesn't lift up the cover/cargo floor any further (assuming you're already using the upper setting for the...
  4. Old tech vs new tech - 1998 Explorer vs Bronco Sport Badlands

    The Honda Rescue Garage channel just posted a really neat offroad video pitting the badlands against a modified 1998 Explorer. The "$500 vs $500/month" title is a bit clickbaity, but the video's really well done and there are some pretty darn cool bits to watch. The nice thing about it is...
  5. Trip Report: Bronco Sport in the Deep Soft Sands of Lost Highway 87 (SE TX)

    Oh, uh, also, just FYI, it's historically notorious as a nude beach, at least when the weather is nice. The usual advice is "no kids" (there used to even be a sign to that effect). Don't know how much that's still true, and certainly no one was going to be out the day I was, but still, it's...
  6. Trip Report: Bronco Sport in the Deep Soft Sands of Lost Highway 87 (SE TX)

    Yeah, definitely! Just be really sure you air down (makes a huge difference in sand), bring a shovel at the very-very least, I'd recommend having recovery boards in addition to the shovel, and preferably go in a group. Watch the tides and predicted surf. Don't go if it's high tide or if the...
  7. Trip Report: Bronco Sport in the Deep Soft Sands of Lost Highway 87 (SE TX)

    Yesterday I went from High Island up to Sea Rim State Park along "lost hwy 87" (about 20mi of very isolated beach/sand/mud driving). Definitely a fun trip! It's rather desolate and can be a bit strange at times. Lots of decaying oil infrastructure and odd things washed up with absolutely no one...
  8. Motortrend comparison between Outback Wilderness, Rav4 TRD, Sport, and unlimited Wrangler

    And I just saw the main post of this. I can't seem to delete the thread, so feel free to ignore!
  9. Motortrend comparison between Outback Wilderness, Rav4 TRD, Sport, and unlimited Wrangler

    Motortrend just published a rather interesting review that compared the Rav4 TRD, the Outback Wilderness Edition, the Bronco Sport Badlands, and a relatively base (unlimited sport) Wrangler, of all things. It's well worth a read...
  10. What did you do TO your Bronco Sport today?

    They are! Also, size B is actually what's recommended for the sport by Yakima. Here are a set of pictures that try to show the spacing and fit in a bit more detail:
  11. What did you do TO your Bronco Sport today?

    It's the B size. No sunroof, in my case, but there's a fair bit of clearance. I think you would have enough space to operate it even if you did have the sunroof.
  12. New Jersey Anyone aware of gas pedal adjustments?

    Easiest option: Try switching to eco mode. That will make the throttle respond a bit slower and smoother. More generally, I think pedal commander works with the sport. It allows you to change the programmed throttle response / how the gas pedal behaves by temporarily altering the signal sent by...
  13. What did you do TO your Bronco Sport today?

    Put a platform on in anticipation of some fall camping trips and lumber/etc hauling:
  14. Question for the Outer Banks/Badlands Owners

    The orange is less bright orange than you might think. It honestly works really well as an accent color, especially with a blue exterior like area 51. It's definitely orange, and if it covered larger areas, it might be too much, but I find it to be a really nice touch with the way they've done it.
  15. What the heck are these?!

    Honestly, they're pretty strong as cargo hooks too. I've tied 5gal water jugs and propane cylinders to them and they've held up fine. They don't seem strong, but I've been impressed so far.
  16. When to change GOAT modes

    You can shift while moving and it's definitely fine to switch between eco/sport/normal/slippery on the fly. E.g. I regularly do while in motion. Switching between those changes throttle response, shift points / transmission behavior, and traction control behavior but nothing else. It's...
  17. Lift/Additional Support for BS Badlands/FE (Please Read This Aftermarket Engineers and Vendors)

    Better skid plates and rock rails. Please. Really, pretty please. Just like the ones in the 4wp sport build from awhile back. Really, take my money. I'll pay a pretty penny for it! The clearance is good enough for what I do, but I really want a bit more protection. The skid plates on the...
  18. Hitch step weight limit?

    Tongue weight isn't quite the same as how much weight you can safely put on the hitch for a short time Tongue weight has more to do with the suspension and load on the rear tires during extended towing than it does with how much vertical force the hitch itself can support. Tongue weight is...
  19. Trailer hitch light plug in

    That seems odd... Here's the factory install, for whatever it's worth: