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  1. Bronco Sport camp kitchen build

    Microwave is going to be tricky, given the rated output of the on-board inverter. Adding a standalone LiFePO4 based inverter+battery bank feeding the microwave oven would be more viable, letting the bank (re)charge off the vehicle on-board source (either 12VDC or 120 VAC/400W).
  2. Wish Back Seat & Cargo Area Lines Up To Lay Flat

    You'll need to place something on top of the spare tire to make up for the vertical gap, if you don't have the full sized spare, that's what the upper notch is for.
  3. Anyone install Aeroskin Hood Protector on their Bronco Sport?

    Badlands here, no hood ornaments installed (deflectors or other trim), and I have noticed "gentle" vibration of the rear-center area of the hood circa highway speeds. I chalked it up to being an aluminum hood with little support under it in that section. Perhaps stiffening would help, or support...
  4. Transceiver Installation thread (Ham, CB, GMRS). Radio unit and antenna installation on Bronco Sport

    I'm assuming you mean 10/6/2/0.7 metre bands: MFJ-1438, MOBILE, 10M/6M/2M/440 QUAD-BAND, NMO/SO MFJ-1456 (quint-band, 2x HF + 6m/2m/0.7m, but SO-239 / PL-259 not NMO) Comet UHV-4 (same band spread, but PL-259 not NMO) Comet UHV-6 (more HF coverage, but PL-259 not NMO) Diamond CR8900A (same...
  5. Off roading in Black Hills and Badlands of SD

    Vehicle orientation is reported on two axes (Front/Back tilt, and Left/Right tilt) with the steering-wheel angle reported in the center between the two.
  6. Horn Replacement

    I bet your neighbors just •adore• you if it goes off accidentally. :-)
  7. SiriusXM Traffic subscription

    SirusXM (and both of the originally-separate companies) use (+used) terrestrial repeaters to mitigate some of the "urban canyon" reception problem one sees with a truly satellite-only system. If you have a decent, quasi-unobstructed view of the required specific section of sky, you could...
  8. Help me build my replacement Bronco!

    The Rigid/Ford co-branded front-roof light-bar ties into the Badlands wiring harness in the driver's A-Pillar and driver's-left-underdash harness. Not personally installed one, but instructions are gory-detail level.
  9. Help me build my replacement Bronco!

    In terms of being out-of-the-way (preserving departure angle), and preserving the most of factory structural materials (some advise deletion of rear bumper internals), the Curt #13474 seems to be the winner here. I have not personally pulled-the-trigger on one yet, hoping Ford might offer a...
  10. 1.5l Bronco Sport in the sand?

    Not related to engine intake (i.e. intended for combustion) air-flow.
  11. 1.5l Bronco Sport in the sand?

    Specifically you're referring to the PTU (similar concept to a transfer-case), which for the 2.0l engine is paired with a liquid-to-liquid cooler, using the 8F35 transmission cooler fluid-loop and a set of heat-exchanger coils in the PTU sump area, whereas the 1.5l PTU configuration relies on...
  12. SERIOUSLY???? 851 miles and this??

    Agreed. If I find a nice public teardown-analysis of an 8F35 I'll be sure to post it. Of course the full "theory of operation" writeup on the 8F35 + PTU in the Ford Service Manual would be the nicest writeup, but that one isn't typically something you can re-post. :-/
  13. Oil change (BL) with pics of undercarriage

    Were you using passivation paint (rust-converting / rust-preventing), or just normal black paint?
  14. SERIOUSLY???? 851 miles and this??

    Ford Bronco Sport uses the 8F35 (8 speed, FWD orientation, 350 Nm design-torque). The 10R80 is 10-speed, RWD orientation, 800 Nm design-torque. I posted some background info on the 8F35 over here...
  15. Debating over owning a Bronco Sport or a Unicorn…

    Time to trade-in your unicorn? What's the residual value on such a beast?
  16. SERIOUSLY???? 851 miles and this??

    No judgement. Just explaining what that layer of the transmission "does". :-)
  17. Hate this dial shifter…

    [[ downshifting on long-downhill runs ]] Badlands and First Editions (2.0l / 8F35 w/ SelectShift) ... if you're in normal (non-"Manual" shift mode) you can initiate a temporary downshift / upshift with the paddles. It'll revert back to automated shifting the next time throttle-level reaches...
  18. SERIOUSLY???? 851 miles and this??

    Valve Body == Hydraulic Logic layer. The 8F35 transmission has a mix of electronic and hydraulic control/computing running it.
  19. 235/65/17 Fits in Spare Compartment

    I noticed the same thing. Good to have confirmation on a 235 tread-width / 65 R17 fitment in the spare tire well.