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  1. Vivid Racing Bronco Sport build.

    I just want the front bar and wheels, I want a different winch and lights and tires.
  2. Vivid Racing Bronco Sport build.

    Note this is not my video.
  3. Vivid Racing Bronco Sport build.

    Very cool build.
  4. Waiting room

    Mine is saying 12/24 too.:angry:
  5. Flip-Up Rear Glass - An Essential Feature?

    I think it's nice to have for car camping and siting in the back.
  6. Waiting room

    I'm about to leave ford because this. And I have had fords most my life.I bought a Escort ZX2 in '97 which i kept till 2015 most dependable vehicle ever.
  7. Waiting room

    Mine is still saying ordered 3/23/23 built 6/14/21 est delivery 11/3/21
  8. Waiting room

    I have a Badlands with BL package ordered on3/23/21 built 6/14/21 Delivery Est.11/3/2021