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  1. what does everyone drive while waiting for their Broncos?

    We have his and hers 2017 escapes. Her Blue 2017 SE Sport 2.0L is the trade in. Her first car was a Bronco II She is getting a Shadow Black Outer Banks loaded up. We will indeed be fighting over who gets to drive it lol.
  2. Real Life Pics: Bronco Sport in Rapid Red, Cactus Gray and Cyber Orange (Outer Banks models)

    Rapid Red and Cactus Grey are Outer Banks, the Cyber Orange is a Badlands as the grill is a different colour and details. Pics appear to be at the factory. Both look great!
  3. Engine "Options"

    The 2.0L engine should have been an option for the outer banks trim. Ford missed the mark here. Period. Everything optional is tied to a "package" The lack of configurable options has me hesitating. I don't want the badlands off-road as this will be a daily driver on the mountain roads, not to...