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  1. Reklussloth

    Anyone bought these AOSK mud flaps?

    Im sure they probably save the body from a good deal of pebble and rock im just not super concerned about it... if thats the worst that happens to the bs i will let it slide.... i feel like if i add them there is more of a chance ill damage something when they get torn off bc they caught on the...
  2. Reklussloth

    Steel 16” wheels!

    So which rim did you end up going with?
  3. Reklussloth

    What are people attaching to their molle straps?

    Put it in the seat pocket lol not entirely sure what they claim that to be for.... of course i guess it depends on the size... that a subcompact in it ... anything larger would likely be a little more awkward lol
  4. Reklussloth

    What’s your Bronco Sport Jam?

    The black album was one of the first cds i bought with my own money... and green jelly... but my parents took that one away hahaha
  5. Reklussloth

    Bronco Sport rolls off Black Bear Pass in CO, Inuring Driver and Dog

    I givem props for giving it a go ... plenty of vehicles considered more "offroad capable" have met the same fate... id say it is certainly possible in q sport ... and im not gonna chalk it up to driver error... but id personally want a little more clearance and someone experienced walking me...
  6. Reklussloth

    16 vs 17 tire options

    So correct me if im missing something ... but dropping down a 16 in rim according to this calculator would allow for 235 70s.. ? If thats the case it opens up a huge selection of tires.
  7. Reklussloth

    22 orders might arrive before 21 June builds do? WTF

    Ill sell for 58k lol show me the money!! Haha
  8. Reklussloth

    Will steelies wheels from Ford Escape fit?
  9. Reklussloth

    Looking for a great AT tire for my BL....

    I dont know that they make ko2 in that size - think it goes from 225 to 24t I dont believe they make them in that size... could be wrong but i think it jumps 225 to 245
  10. Reklussloth

    What’s your Bronco Sport Jam?

    The older stuff is ok... but everything more recent - with the current singer is solid... the second siner in the songs is actually the drummer ... obviously not for every one haha ..
  11. Reklussloth

    1” lift level kit .. Is it worth it?

    You found a 1" (front) level a 4wp? Thats all i want... looks sharp.functional ... have to do any suspension 'add ons or mods (grinding etc??) What else you have planned for it?
  12. Reklussloth

    Bronco Raptor Announced

    Or maybe they could actually just get caught up building the models that already exist ? 🤔
  13. Reklussloth

    Looking for a great AT tire for my BL....

    1st is armstrong trutrac at 2nd atturo trailblade xt
  14. Reklussloth

    Looking for a great AT tire for my BL....

    The toyo at3 is popular. Wilpeak atw3 .... im running armstrongs for now. Not super knobby but price was good and no complaints so far
  15. Reklussloth

    Kinda Obsessed

    First step is admitting you have a problem. "Hi my name is __________, and im a broncoholic." **disclaimer ** im not poking fun at addictions or alcoholism, hahhaa ive actually been alcohol-free for 13.5 yrs
  16. Reklussloth

    LED bulbs for tail lights

    Philips vs stock... phips is slightly brighter but not what im looking for... have some extreme ultrabrights on the way
  17. Reklussloth

    Pulled the trigger on a 21 BS BB

    Looks sharp though! Mine loooks... ehh dirty ha