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  1. Waiting room

    Out of the waiting room as well. Beautiful and drives amazing as well. No regrets. Very happy with the purchase. But dealer kinda ruined the moment by putting on the wrong deflector. Wanted the aeroskin 2. They don't have it on hand and we live 5.5 hours away.
  2. Waiting room

    Mine even has a letter. Order number is C148. Lol
  3. Waiting room

    I also paid mine in full on Monday so I can go in, get it, and drop it off for some ppf when it arrives. This is the only reason I can think of of why I can no longer track it through the Ford tracker, because it has been "tagged" as a sold vehicle. Maybe. Anyway, got a text from my dealership...
  4. Waiting room

    Thanks man. This looks like a red flag for me. Better call my dealership tomorrow and confirm. Maybe this is good and it's already there. Hopefully. I did see the window sticker change to today's date.
  5. Waiting room

    Was this just today? The Ford tracker is working for you? Haven't been able to use it since Wednesday. I'm suppose to have delivery tomorrow or next week. Don't know if this is a red flag for me. 🤷
  6. Bronco Sport rollover crash shows strength of passenger compartment

    New color. Rapid Rolling Red. Jokes aside, hope driver was ok. Passenger compartment of our BS is truly impressive, even with a moonroof.
  7. Waiting room

    Is the Ford tracker working for y'all? It keeps saying system error since this morning. Even the tracker here at the forum just says null. And my VIN has not showed up on palsapp too.
  8. Waiting room

    I'm curious if this is palsapp as well. My VIN is still not showing up on it.
  9. Waiting room

    That number of days below shipped is pretty close huh. Thanks for sharing this. Might help me better estimate my Delivery date.
  10. Waiting room

    From what I've experienced recently, the tracker should change and you should get a window sticker exactly a week before your build date (if you have a build date, not a build week. Also same for another member here that got their Built status 4 days ahead of mine, they got their window sticker...
  11. Waiting room

    TX. So hopefully it'll arrive sooner than the 29th. And hopefully yours too.
  12. Waiting room

    Checked Ford tracker today and it says Built 8/27/21 with an estimated delivery date of 9/29/21. 😬 Trying not to be too excited. 9/29/21 is still a month away.
  13. Waiting room

    My build week is also on the 23. I'm using your experience as estimate for mine. Looks like you were ahead of me about 4 day. My status changed to In Production on the 20th and got my sticker as well. Sticker date at the bottom changed in 8/23/21. Hoping I get Built status tomorrow. 🤞
  14. Waiting room

    Did you order from a San Antonio dealer? McCombs West? Ordered mine from Jordan Ford. But I’m 5 hours away. Lol.
  15. Waiting room

    That is weird. Makes me think if they were hoping that you had given up so they can sell it at a huge mark up. Lol. Maybe not.
  16. Waiting room

    I asked when I placed the order and the guy said "should be msrp", but nothing written down and signed. That's why I wanted to find out what others who got their BS fairly recently paid.
  17. Waiting room

    Ok. So do we pay MSRP when we get our customer ordered BS? Or will we get whatever the dealer charges? I couldn't find any newer info on this. Sorry if I'm asking it here.
  18. Waiting room

    May I ask how do you receive it? Does Ford email it to you when it becomes available or do you get a link from the dealership? Or did you just check the window sticker generator daily? Optimistically waiting for mine. :)
  19. Waiting room

    Just read an article about a Ford train derailing.*1ath4zy*_ga*YW1wLVVVc01QV0VsNk9HTE1qd2dzV3dqRW9IdXB6aTVDdDItaXlGd2luS1prZUhlNVhmWkZZSHF3M0IxdGJLT0lfMjA. Good that nobody got hurt but I hope this...