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  1. Dirty but almost done! Big Bend Bronco Sport Build w/ Rough Country, Reese, and Ford Ranger Lifts

    Hell Yeah! I just got the nudge bar & 4 LED installed too. Looking great!
  2. Puget Sound Bronco Sports

    Love the nudge bar. Mines on order waiting for it to be delivered. Did you install yourself or have it installed? I'm having mine installed with the 4" lights at 4wheelparts in Lynnwood but at a heavy price tag of $1100.00. Looking good!
  3. Accidental discovery

    I didn't know about this or even think of it. Very interesting find! Haha. Still waiting to find some magic button that lights the night sky with the bronco logo.
  4. Installed Thule HD Cross Bars, Rough Country nudge Bull Bar, 20” LED Light Bar, Painted Letters

    Looks great! How did you paint the lettering and what did you use?
  5. Ford pass reward points

    So if the Dealership does not have the part in stock that I need. I would assume I request for them to order the part without payment, then when they receive the item, I tell them I need to take it over to the service department to check out? Is this the process that you did? Will the parts...
  6. Ford pass reward points

    I keep reading all of you being able to use your rewards points for parts. I have yet to find a ford dealership in my area that knows how to use them for parts. Everyone here basically says you can redeem through service but none of their parts departments have the ability or are even aware of...
  7. Bronco Base Towing?

    So this is where I found the difference in towing capacity. Link to the Ford page where I found this ( ). I had no idea. But I guess for me and my family this isnt...
  8. Adding Tow Hitch

    Is it fair to say the best price and availability for hitch installations is through Uhaul? Locally here I had already agreed for my local 4 wheel parts store to do my hitch installation for under $500.00 with labor thinking it would be about the same price as having Uhaul do the installation...
  9. Bronco Base Towing?

    Interesting. I didn't read anything about that on the BS or perhaps missed it. Do you know if that's the case?
  10. Bronco Base Towing?

    Ahh ok. So slightly larger wheels add a carry weight of 500lbs. Interesting haha. Ok. Either way, class 2 towing package is correct. Uhaul trying to get me on a class 3 on their website not really worth paying more for 1000lbs I can't tow haha. Thank you :)
  11. Bronco Base Towing?

    Not yet. But im having the same question as you. I reviewed the bronco sport base specs and its reported our base can only tow 1500 max where as all other trims with the 1.5L can handle up to 2000. Uhaul package for it recommends a class 3 (rated 3500) and if our max is only 1500 that would be a...
  12. New Bronco Sport Owners Break In Period

    Well, that makes a little more sense. I have just crossed the 1000 mile marker so I wish I had found that information earlier. I wanted to test the fuel efficiency after I purchased so on the freeway I would eco-mode it and set the cruise control to determine what I could achieve. Hypothetically...
  13. Tail Light Removal

    Not wrong.
  14. Tail Light Removal

    Thank you, I just logged back on to delete post as i found the answer on page 285 of the owners manual. :) Maybe I will leave it up just in case someone else fails to look in the most obvious place :)
  15. Tail Light Removal

    I work a lot with vinyl and am planning on tinting my tail lights. After looking at the taillights the rubber seal covering it doesn't look like it just pulls off. Seems like the seal & bracket are mounted under the bolts that hold the taillights on. Am I overthinking this or how do I remove...
  16. New Bronco Sport Owners Break In Period

    I am not very mechanically savy but what is the logic behind not maintaining a constant speed? How does maintaining a specific speed do any harm or wear and tear to any seals, engine, parts?
  17. Howdy from Washington state.

    Lynnwood here. Working on getting my BS looking how I want it. So far loving driving it. **Update my grill**
  18. Introduction - OR

    Hey Same feeling I got with the Bronco. Within a week of discovering the bronco took the last one from the dealership home. Went wanting the big bend left with only the base. All in all still very happy with it. Needed a family car so traded in my '16 Fist ST. I've hit a couple trails so far...