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  1. Bronco Sport rollover crash shows strength of passenger compartment

    I need the purge valve, mine has been on backorder for months
  2. Lifted Alto Blue Badlands Bronco Sport Build

    Going down the Sand Dunes in Moab Utah Our Sports with a Lift and KO2's work well! A LOT steeper then it looks!
  3. Lifted Alto Blue Badlands Bronco Sport Build

    Moab Utah, Long Canyon Trail
  4. Lifted Alto Blue Badlands Bronco Sport Build

    Looks good, have same tires but different size. I have been to Moab and the lift with smaller tires does just fine... Dont let anyone fool you. Our Sports are quite capable.
  5. This is the Bronco Sport Key Fob

    I Obtained 2 extra FOB’s for a total of 4 fobs, how do I program the other 2? I have instructions for programming extra fobs for Ford Vehicles that still use a key, but not ones with button start.
  6. Lights - Tap

    I want to tap into the various lights to signal other things. The lights that i want to tap into are low beam, high beam, DRl, turn signals, brake and reverse light. These will run a 300ma relay. However when i do, it either causes the computer to think i have a trailer pluged into the trailer...
  7. Bronco Sport Big Bend

    rough country
  8. Bronco Sport Big Bend

    I used the Yakima 50" jetstream Crossbars Anything more then 50" you might bang your head on walking around the bronco. as they would stick out to far. No moon roof. But i did the platform k. I pushed mine forward as much as possible for future lights. Gives me room in the back to have magnetic...
  9. Bronco Sport Big Bend

    Not much differencr but then again im a little more deaf then the aberage person lol
  10. Bronco Sport Big Bend

    2" lift, Flairs, KO2's a d Yakima Platform Will be adding hood light pods, and roof light pods, Rock lights, and Ham/Cb radio
  11. GOAT Modes Terrain Management System Explained

    Ok now here is another question. If you have a big bend or other trim option other then badlands. In what modes is 4 wheel drive activated? obviously all trim levels are 4x4, but what modes do we get 4x4? I have the big bend, and it seems in sport mode I was getting 4x4. But could not tell.
  12. Ham/CB radios

    Where is everyone mounting their Ham/Radio radio face plates, Microphones, and main units? I have uniden CB radio that has a base box, all controls and display are on microphone. with seperate speaker. I also have a Kenwood V71 dual band Ham radio. Two seperate speakers, face plate and main...