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  1. Palm Coast Dealer Stole My Badlands

    It is entirely up to the dealer whether or not they will accept an A,Z, or X plan on an order. Some dealers do not want to take them since it uses up one of their allotments when they can get more money from someone else just walking in off the street. When I was ordering my 2000 F-350 Super...
  2. BS Badlands survived a ~40 Mph collision w/minor damage- also need replacement Number recommendations

    I have the collision avoidance system on my Escape, and yes, it does stop the vehicle before you even have the chance to react.
  3. 2022MY Bronco Sport Dates: Order Acceptance, Scheduling and Production Start

    There are color changes for the 2022MY. Kodiak Brown and Rapid Red are no longer being offered. Hot Pepper Red, Velocity Blue Metallic, and Bronze Smoke Metallic are the new colors being offered.
  4. June Builds sitting in the Mexican Desert

    Supposedly October is the clean-up month for all the BS units on order and waiting to be built and no more new builds are supposed to be scheduled. Since they have almost 10,000 waiting for the fuel line recall and who knows how many for the RCM, it's going to take many weeks to just run them...
  5. June Builds sitting in the Mexican Desert

    The Restraint Control Module controls the airbags and seat belt systems. The cheapest that I have found for one is $295 and the highest for $395. The part number is LJ6Z-14B321-A and is used in the Bronco Sport, Escape, and Lincoln Corsair. Most dealers have it listed as a special order item.
  6. Recall notice: Fuel Delivery Module line may leak

    Recall is for vehicles built between May 12th and July 20th. Ford said they will notify owners that have already received their vehicles by USPS by October 5th. Ford stated previously that they had to wait for enough replacement units to be furnished by the manufacturer of the part and didn't...
  7. Another bump to 11/3/21 est delivery :( Ford update

    However, even if Ford put the RCM in those vehicles waiting for them, they wouldn't be able to leave the factory until Ford receives and installs the recalled replacement FDM. Ford isn't sending letter out to owners who already have vehicles with the affected part until October 6th for its...
  8. Another bump to 11/3/21 est delivery :( Ford update

    Never said that they didn't get more of the RCM's. What I said was that is what the ones that were built without the chips are waiting for. It also doesn't mean that Ford has enough to finish the incomplete orders in addition to the 2021MY orders that they already have. What source do you have...
  9. Bronco Sport Order Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    Submitted info on my order. Placed on 03/12/2021. Original build was 05/10/2021 then moved to 05/24/2021 and finally built on 06/21/2021. Has been sitting in Mexican desert ever since waiting for a Restrain Control Module and fuel line recall. Current dealer delivery date is 11/03/2021.
  10. Another bump to 11/3/21 est delivery :( Ford update

    The "chip" that they are waiting for is the RCM (Restraint Control Module) which controls the airbags and seat belts.
  11. Ford Annouces Alexa Assistant with OTA Updates

    A new round of Sync updates just went out last week along with a lengthy letter also of what is coming (I had 2 Escapes that I needed to update and each one took over half an hour to complete). The OTA and Alexa-built in is only for Sync 4 versions and is being put in starting with the 2022MY...
  12. Bronco Sport rollover crash shows strength of passenger compartment

    Is the RCM module salvageable ? Mine is sitting in the desert waiting for one.
  13. 2022MY Bronco Sport Dates: Order Acceptance, Scheduling and Production Start

    If you want to see what Velocity Blue looks like, look at a Maverick Pick-Up as its also offered in that color.
  14. June Builds sitting in the Mexican Desert

    What you are all failing to realize is that the BS's with the recall are still at the factory in MEXICO. They still have to go through customs and they can prevent them from coming into the country until it is proven that the recall had been properly addressed. The fine for not doing so is $21k...
  15. June Builds sitting in the Mexican Desert

    The Rep is wrong and either isn't aware of the federal law or is just trying to make you feel a little more at ease. It's against federal law for the factory to send the vehicle to the dealership without this being fixed first to the tune of a $20k fine per vehicle. Talked to the owner of my...
  16. June Builds sitting in the Mexican Desert

    There is currently a recall of all Bronco Sports built between May 12 and July 25 for a fuel leak issue and according to the NHTSA regulations they can not leave the factory until the repair is made if they are still there. Ford doesn't expect to have a replacement part available from the...