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  1. Benanza

    BS Badlands survived a ~40 Mph collision w/minor damage- also need replacement Number recommendations

    When you say that it stopped you from the car in front of you, is that after you were rear ended that it still kept you from becoming a missile into a multi car crash?
  2. Benanza

    Bronco Sport rolls off Black Bear Pass in CO, Inuring Driver and Dog

    It seems like you all want to place blame on the driver, however, in this case the spotter who was outside the car giving directions when the BS went over the edge was taking responsibility. It's only the drivers fault for taking on a challenge she didn't know and wasn't ready for... I hope she...
  3. Benanza

    What’s your Bronco Sport Jam?

    Definitely, but my go-to is Man in a Box 🤘
  4. Benanza

    What did you do TO your Bronco Sport today?

    Is it bring your engine cover to work day already?
  5. Benanza

    Aftermarket Parts Hub [Complied List]

    Because people will pay that price
  6. Benanza

    Everyone with roof lights....

    I believe I read in the manual on the BL and FE there is a harness connection in the front of the raised rails for the OEM 40" bar
  7. Benanza

    Chip in Dash

    I wouldn't use the paint. I'd just leave it alone unless it's really bugging you. In that case you could use a clear dry glue fill it and wipe it to shape and you might not notice as much.
  8. Benanza

    What did you do TO your Bronco Sport today?

    Removed spare tire, gonna eventually get a swing for now roof when I need it. Dropped in compressor 2 gallon tank with hose attachment (fill tires or use air tools) Best part turned my baby into a man with these ridiculously obnoxious train horns. Wire tapped the original horn. I can't wait for...
  9. Benanza

    Kinda Obsessed

    Hi all, I'm a broncoholic and it's been four days since I've driven last. My BS at the shop having minor adjustments. Was driving home saw a BS threw a wave and got the who are you look realized I wasn't in mine, it was extremely disappointing for me. Gonna be picking it back up tomorrow can't...
  10. Benanza

    Dealer-mark up on existing customer orders

    The real question is should they be able to do a dealer markups right now... Seems like they are price gouging during a shortage that was created by the pandemic. Seems like a fine line they're crossing considering they are just sitting and waiting for parts.
  11. Benanza

    Upset over missing engine cover!

    My new Start-up The Bronco Sport Engine Cover Company looking for investors to purchase 3D Printers
  12. Benanza

    auto tailgate lift kit

    Or they just assume that it's a new car and walk away with the tailgate up
  13. Benanza

    Pulled the trigger on a 21 BS BB

    Yup, Florida sun showers. Spent plenty of time in that area, when my sister attended Rollins. Much better to clean yourself, I actually find it therapeutic... Great way to clear the mind
  14. Benanza

    Ford Warranty on the BS?

    I usually get the esp just because it's a little extra peace of mind. I always buy online after shopping price. Used Lombard Ford last 2 times, but I also got a repeat buyer special which pushed them well below the others I shopped. But before the discount they all kinda sit within about $100 of...
  15. Benanza

    Pulled the trigger on a 21 BS BB

    I picked up in the rain too, most dealers will let you bring it back for a fresh wash since you didn't get it fully clean. Just contact your salesman ASAP to get it done. Otherwise, congrats and enjoy!
  16. Benanza

    Lost in a sea of cross bars and roof racks.

    What you really want to know is the difference is the way they attach other parts, Rack to rack interchangeable parts convenience. The best part is most parts interchange between vendors too. T-slots are usually gonna be easier to get attachments for as most platforms are using these. Thule...
  17. Benanza

    Route/trail tracker

    I find that they have different trails locations from different users. With onX I really like being able to download the trails for offline use for those no cell areas especially my first trip. But I can use the Gaia with bronco on Android auto while using onX on my phone. Gotta love technology 😉
  18. Benanza

    Route/trail tracker

    I switch between Gaia and onX Offroad. However onX I believe that tracking is a part of the premium features. I do like them both
  19. Benanza

    Upset over missing engine cover!

    I didn't see this covered in the JD Power report, they must of tested one with an engine cover. 🤔🥱🤪🤣 I love watching this thread, makes me smile when I'm down
  20. Benanza

    Scratched black piano trim

    Try Novus 1&2, stay away from 3 very abrasive and could cause some serious damage. Available on Amazon.