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  1. jaws72

    What the heck are these?!

    Cargo hooks
  2. jaws72

    Official ALTO BLUE Bronco Sport Thread

    Just saw an OB with roof rack parked on my local dealer lot; must have been in for service, already plated. AB looks great in the afternoon sun.
  3. jaws72

    Driving past a Bronco Sport on the road

    I saw a Kodiak Brown Big Bend identical to mine yesterday, the driver didn’t even realize I was next to her.
  4. jaws72

    How are you finding front seat size and comfort?

    No issues with front seats, made a couple longer road trips, no aches and pains.
  5. jaws72

    Took a big bronco for a spin....

    This is the one I drove (my KB for size comparison)
  6. jaws72

    Took a big bronco for a spin....

    I drove Cyber Orange Badlands 4 door soft top today-- Not a fan of the windshield angle and size, too small. I absolutely loved the trail sites, even great for navigating narrow streets. Handles like a dream, took it through a neighborhood that curves every 2-3 houses, no lean at all. Dana...
  7. jaws72

    Took a big bronco for a spin....

    I really wanted a big Bronco, not sure if I’ll get one down the road unless it can get 32-35mpg like my Big Bend Sport.
  8. jaws72

    Rear window decal

  9. jaws72

    Rear window decal

    On my Kodiak Brown Big Bend
  10. jaws72

    Saw the Big Brother in the wild today...

    Saw these 2 this week in Toledo, OH; silver at Zoo and gray at Yark Ford.
  11. jaws72

    Ohio Roll Call!

    Saw a Cactus Big Bend, Oxford Big Bend, and a Black Base in Oregon today while out with my Kodiak Big Bend.
  12. jaws72

    Bronco Sport Lightning EV Renderings

    Keep the standard headlight and tail light design; just illuminate the grill letters.
  13. jaws72

    Get with the program Matchbox

    GreenLight makes Bronco Sports including an "R" support vehicle, Falken tires, and an upcoming release with a rooftop tent.
  14. jaws72

    Ford Reports Bronco Sport's No. 1 Source of Sales Coming From Jeep, 15 Days on Dealer Lots in June 2021

    Sports on dealer lots for 15 days in June, my local dealer had them on lot for "zero" (0) days! Inventory is nonexistent!