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  1. Molson

    Bronco Sport Badlands Takes 1st Place in On-Road + Off-Road Comparison vs RAV4 TRD, Outback, Jeep Wrangler! [Motor Trend]

    The constantly flooding roads and snow in Philly are two of the big reasons why I decided to go with the BS.
  2. Molson

    need suggestions for Rear Cup Holder Inserts

    Let me know if you find a good fix for this. We are having the same exact issue with my daughter’s water bottles.
  3. Molson

    Recall notice: Fuel Delivery Module line may leak

    I haven’t gotten an alert yet but mine began its build on 5/24 and finished 6/4. So I would be rather surprised given the build dates that mine isn’t on the list.
  4. Molson

    Sudden "hesitation" while driving

    It's 76 here right now and I have noticed this at around 28-30 then accelerating (we have bad traffic here). it seems like the transmission is between gears or shifting oddly.
  5. Molson

    Bronco Sport Takes 5-Day Trip to Maine

    Not to mention the fact that it is pretty much the same size as the original Explorer suv. Everything has just gotten big recently.
  6. Molson

    DIY Writeup: Adding Rear Camera Washer to your Bronco Sport

    It's possible that Canada has it on all of the trims from the beginning. In the US they added it to the Big Bend starting on 5/10. Canada also gets the halo day time running lights on base and big bend whereas the US only outer Banks and up gets the halo lights.
  7. Molson

    2021 Ford Bronco Sport Ditches 12V Powerpoints For USB Ports

    They moved the one from the under the arm rest to next to the USB ports under the center console. Now the arm rest has USB ports in it and behind it.
  8. Molson

    New SYNC3 Version software update for Bronco Sport

    For those who use Macs and can't get the updates to work I figured out the issue. When you unzip the file it is supposed to create a folder called SyncMyRide and have most of the files in that folder. On a Mac you will notice that they are all in the parent folder and there is no other folder...
  9. Molson

    Unofficial MPG thread for the 1.5L

    I am getting very similar. I just got back from a trip driving to western New York State from the Philly area. A lot of low mountains and going between 73-85 the whole way there and back. Some small town driving there. 28.5 dash average.
  10. Molson

    Bronco Sport will get new Refresh95 Cabin Air Filter in the Fall

    Mike Levine tweeted this morning that Ford in November Ford will start selling the new Refresh95 cabin air filter that will filter out 95% of pollutants 2.5 microns in size. From the promo picture it looks like the bronco sport is among the first getting it...
  11. Molson

    Ford to Move Unfinished Vehicles to Dealer Lots to Finish Later

    My question is really what dealer would agree to this? You now have liability for cats you can sell, have to make sure that all of the sales guys know what cars can and can’t be sold, dealers get penalized for having cars sit on lots too long so when does the clock start? Also many dealerships...
  12. Molson

    Ford to Move Unfinished Vehicles to Dealer Lots to Finish Later

    Just saw this news come out via Twitter. Ford is working on details to move unfinished vehicles to empty dealer lots and finish them there. Seems like an overly complicated way of making it appear that you have more stock than you actually do. Ford weighs shipping vehicles missing chips for...
  13. Molson

    Bronco Sport meet up

    I am also interested. I am in northern delco so any and all of those sound good.
  14. Molson

    onboard nav kinda sucks, right?

    Google Maps you can choose an area and download all of the maps of that area locally on your phone. Apple Maps as long as you start the trip when you have service it will download all of the maps for the directions it is currently taking.
  15. Molson

    Intelligent Access key and HEAT

    If your fob dies you can still place it on the emergency spot under the mat under the usb chargers. That will allow you to start and drive your car.
  16. Molson

    Bronco Sport Lightning EV Renderings

    I think that lighting looks great on the F-150 and the explorer. Bronco and bronco sport have a different signature look.
  17. Molson

    Not seeing much action in the Mid-Atlantic forum

    cheesesteaks are a way of life in Philly and everyone has their favorite place. I’m a no onions, wiz type of guy. Delsandros is my first choice but thunderbird in the western burbs makes my go-to.
  18. Molson

    Any Complaints so far?

    unfortunately if you look closely on ours they are just a piece of silver plastic so we’d have to swap out the headlights with ones from a higher trim. I think it’s a terrible design choice but that’s just me.
  19. Molson

    Post the best photos you've got of your Bronco Sport

    July 4th I took mine to go see the statue of General Anthony Wayne at Valley Forge park to watch the nearby fireworks.
  20. Molson

    Upset over missing engine cover!

    Mine also came without a cover. Was built 6/4 and arrived in SEPA 7/1.