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  1. @Outbound Exploration Bronco Sport Build & Trail Pics

    Awesome photos. Do you happen to have any of the Method MR502's in action? I currently have Methods on my F150 and am planning to order them again when the BS arrives.
  2. Waiting room

    The original order was 'without' carpet mats for $200 CAD. The order has been adjusted to 'with' carpet mats at $250 CAD. My understanding is the extra $50 gets you both rubber AND carpet mat options. A combo package essentially.
  3. Waiting room

    The General Manager at the dealership I deal with (family friend) was able to confirm it was the 'floor liners w/o carpet mats' holding up my order on a BL + BL with tow, 360+, cargo mat, cargo management and splash guards. The most shocking part is I was able to place this order on Friday...
  4. Waiting room

    In a wild turn of events, ford denied the order due to a shortage in the rubberized floor liners... Sounds like it's being processed now with the alternative of the combo rubber/carpet pack.
  5. Waiting room

    Update: unsurprisingly Ford has denied the order request LOL
  6. Waiting room

    I'm curious if what 69Cuda340s said might be what's happening, I'll be sure to update when I know more. After test driving a BB with the 1.5L I was adamant to them I was only interested in a Badlands model. Either way I'm telling myself it's likely 6+ months til I'm driving it. For what it's...
  7. Waiting room

    This is what I expressed to the dealership, I feel there's a lack of understanding from their end. They made mention to their total dealer allotment not being fulfilled yet at that trim level. However, I'm anticipating this being denied and converted to a '22, so I'll have to wait and see.
  8. Waiting room

    Just placed an order on a Badlands + Badlands today. I feel it's likely this will be pushed to a '22. Anybody have any insight?