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  1. Hawk

    Question for the Outer Banks/Badlands Owners

    Thanks! Bronze I can handle!
  2. Hawk

    Question for the Outer Banks/Badlands Owners

    I'm considering a Bronco Sport, although I'm not sure which trim level I prefer. One thing I'm not sure I'll like is the copper/orange plastic trim pieces under the touch screen and on the doors. While some photos make it look like these pieces are fairly low key, other photos make it appear...
  3. Hawk

    Tire Options for Bronco Sport with 1" Lift

    In the Car and Driver review, they said you could go to 30.5 inch tires without any clearance problems: I think that if I get a Bronco Sport, that's the way I'd do it.
  4. Hawk

    Bronco Sport on display at Ford Employee Roundup Event

    Awesome pictures. I can't unsee -- and now I can't unwant -- a small lift with larger tires (AT instead of MT, though).
  5. Hawk

    Bronco Sport White Top Option

    I kind of liked the grainy "dealer meeting" renderings of the Bronco Sport concept with the white roof.
  6. Hawk

    Tire Options for Bronco Sport with 1" Lift

    I mentioned this in another post, but I have Falken Wildpeak A/T3W tires on my 4Runner right now and really like them. I'm not much of an offroader, but these tires behave very well on the highway and in torrential rain. Plus, I think they look cool. :)
  7. Hawk

    Wheel and Tire plans?

    I have Wildpeaks on my 4Runner right now, and I agree that they are great in the rain, as well as relatively quiet on the road at highway speeds.
  8. Hawk

    Introducing the Bronco Sport Badlands Trail Rig Concept

    That's how I read it, too. I hope this is correct, as a tire swap on the Badlands without an aftermarket lift kit might be ideal for me. I don't really need the MT tires from the Trail Rig Concept. AT will be fine for me, although the MT tires do look good. Based on what I could find on...
  9. Hawk

    Introducing the Bronco Sport Off-Roadeo Adventure Patrol Concept

    Perfect tires for me. I wonder if this requires a 1" lift kit, like the Trail Rig Concept.
  10. Hawk

    Cyber Orange Bronco Sport Prototype Spied Under Camouflage (Updated With Different Grille Photos)

    Looks like it's wearing Falken Wilpeaks. I have them on my 4Runner and really like them.
  11. Hawk

    Baby Bronco Sport Naked Body Potentially Leaked!

    As much as I likely will want the "real" Bronco, this vehicle probably is all I will really need. We still have a 2004 Escape XLT (driven by one of my high school-aged sons). From a styling standpoint, I think that the first generation Escape has aged the best out of nearly all of Ford's...