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  1. FIRST LOOK: Diode Dynamics Ditch Light Kit for the 2021 Ford Bronco Sport!

    Is there an eta on when you plan to release? Interested in getting hands on with these before November!
  2. Big Bend Tow Hooks

    Planning to do this to my OB. None of the parts guides or exploded diagrams I have found indicate a lack of structure at the back of the hooks, do you by chance have any pictures of the back of them when installed?
  3. How to remove front bumper!

    Looking to try and add hooks to my OB; finally got someone to confirm that it definitely should be possible. Worked with my dealer to order the parts and bolt kit. One remaining question is are the hooks threaded into something or is there also a nut/washer kit somewhere and a part number that...
  4. Base Model/OB/BB Front Tow Hooks

    That is exactly what my poking around service guides/parts catalogues/teardown pics lead me to believe, just nobody had said that 100%. Just didn't want to drop the $$$ without knowing!
  5. Base Model/OB/BB Front Tow Hooks

    Resurrecting this thread since I just picked up my Outer Banks and have been wondering this same thing... From the images supplied by Reklussloth (thanks!) those mending plates for the nudge bar are where 2 anchor bolts go on the Tow Hooks as well. The threading that others have asked about...