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  1. dejones64

    Anyone install Aeroskin Hood Protector on their Bronco Sport?

    After having the AVS deflector on for awhile how do you like it? Stay on pretty good? I want to go this route, lower profile than the one with the higher deflector. Thanks.
  2. dejones64

    Post the best photos you've got of your Bronco Sport

    Cactus Gray? Nice, looks almost like it has a green tint to it.
  3. dejones64

    Anybody else use ceramic coatings?

    I'm gonna try Fluid Film for undercoating. Not sure about that spray on bedliner type stuff, as I've heard that if it develops a tear or hole, water/moisture/salt can get into it and then it's trapped inside.
  4. dejones64

    Anybody else use ceramic coatings?

    I'm gonna give Mequiars a try this weekend. The ceramic wax and detailer. Not gonna do the paint correction.
  5. dejones64

    Looking for a great AT tire for my BL....

    Looking good!
  6. dejones64

    What is this for?

    New game maybe (not really, this has been done before)? Post a very close-up pic of a part on your Bronco Sport. Everyone else try to guess what it is.
  7. dejones64

    Looking for a great AT tire for my BL....

    Falken Wildpeak AT3W 245/65r17
  8. dejones64

    1.5 Engine at highway speeds

    Thanks for the analogy, I understand it a bit better. Yea wish there was a gauge or some visual indicator.
  9. dejones64

    Blinker Failure

    Yea gotta keep it topped off. You get erratic blinker behavior when the fluid starts sloshing around. 👍
  10. dejones64

    Wisconsin All weather floor liners for carpeted floors!

    Hi, Are these the Ford Bronco Sport rubberized floor mats like these? Still have them? Mind posting a pic please? I'm in MN Twin Cities area so maybe I can come get them, save on shipping. Thanks.
  11. dejones64

    Minnesota Tires for sale Continental ProContact TX 225/65r17

    Quantity of 4 new tires (9 miles on them), Continental ProContact TX 225/65r17. Took them off my Bronco Sport Big Bend. Make a reasonable offer. Preferably to someone in MN Twin Cities area, avoid long drives and shipping. Thanks for looking.
  12. dejones64

    BS Factory items for sale

    Regarding the floor mats, did your BS come with the carpeted flooring or rubber flooring? Apparently Ford has sets for each type of flooring. Thanks.
  13. dejones64

    First car camping trip with the Bronco!

    Great start! Throw a roof top tent up there and I'd be all set. Until then the bed in back is what I'll be doing. 👍
  14. dejones64

    1.5 Engine at highway speeds

    Thanks for that writeup. All greek to me. I've been driving manuals all my life, now in this automatic, every time I push the gas pedal it feels sluggish/laggish. Not the instant response like in a manual. Thanks though for explaining this. I have less than a 1000 miles on it, mostly in...
  15. dejones64

    1.5 Engine at highway speeds

    First time turbo for me. How does one know it’s spooled up to speed? Thanks.
  16. dejones64

    Lost in a sea of cross bars and roof racks.

    I'll be going with Omac also.
  17. dejones64

    Flapping noise cargo area

    Yes or even one back window open. Close all windows and test drive…
  18. dejones64

    Flapping noise cargo area

    Where does that vent go in the small circle? What is that in the large circle, is it flexible, "flappable"? Spit-ballin' here.
  19. dejones64

    Flapping noise cargo area

    Can you pop the vent off, what back there?