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  1. Milehifireguy


    I guess what I’m asking is did you pay the total of $690 on top of the price of the $399 lift?
  2. Milehifireguy


    Is that the lift and install or just the labor cost?
  3. Milehifireguy

    What’s favorite colors you DIDN’T pick??

    Cactus grey and Area51 have always been my favorite. Got beat to the punch on a CG Badlands and found a A51 Big Bend a few days later
  4. Milehifireguy

    Thoughts on Rough Country 1.5" Lift?

    Has anyone that had issues with the RC lift reached out to Rough Country customer service and received a reply about the early issues and any fix/tweaks to current offerings?
  5. Milehifireguy

    Kinda Obsessed

    Winner! Winner! Chicken dinner!
  6. Milehifireguy

    First car camping trip with the Bronco!

    that is a really cool set up!
  7. Milehifireguy

    1” lift level kit .. Is it worth it?

    I've been thinking of going with the 245s as well... eventually would like a lift but good to hear you haven't had issues with that size. Have you taken any trails or Forest service roads with it yet? P.S. i want to go to your Discount Tire! mine said they'd only do like $20 a tire....
  8. Milehifireguy

    What did you do TO your Bronco Sport today?

    You should post where this is so anyone who’s been waiting for one can jump on that! Great looking BS/BL!
  9. Milehifireguy

    1” lift level kit .. Is it worth it?

    Mine sits at a very slight forward rake… measured from ground to bottom of the wheel well centerlined with the wheel and had about a 3/4 inch difference from back to front. I am sure a lift is in my future though just to have the better stance and fit real tires.
  10. Milehifireguy

    Aftermarket Parts Hub [Complied List]
  11. Milehifireguy

    What the heck are these?!

    Is it a bronco sport specific unit or a general Ford one? Part number?
  12. Milehifireguy

    Colorado No longer available

    Anyone looking for Badlands Rims? ***not available ***
  13. Milehifireguy

    Lost in a sea of cross bars and roof racks.

    You could easily strap some kayaks to this set up or add kayak specific carriers to these cross bars.
  14. Milehifireguy

    First car camping trip with the Bronco!

    @swamis would you mind adding some pictures of your interior set up for the platform? I am planning on some sort of platform or inflatable solution for mine. Always get an idea I hadn’t thought of when checking out what others have done. Thanks!
  15. Milehifireguy

    BS Factory items for sale

    Might be interested in the Yakima set up
  16. Milehifireguy

    Kinda Obsessed

  17. Milehifireguy

    Homelink Auto-Dimming Mirror Installation

    This is an interesting idea… I might have to go hit the pull and save salvage lot to fine one.