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  1. Installed the Rough Country 20 inch LED Bumper Light Bar

    Thanks, your install looks awesome. Definitely, considering this as an option.
  2. Installed the Rough Country 20 inch LED Bumper Light Bar

    Does this require cutting of bumper to install?Looks nice either way!
  3. Cleaning Engine Bay

    Personally, I would not use any water hose to spray engine bay. I use interior dash cleaner, and a towel, and wipe whole engine compartment by hand. I have seen on several occasions, where one would spray engine compartment down, even a light spray, and a ignition coil will short out. Imo.
  4. Has anyone kept stock rims but upgraded tires?

    Just to be clear, is this without a lift? Thanks steve
  5. Warped dash speaker grill

    It might also not be heat related, as to why the speaker grills are popping up like that. It could be the unibody design, I do live on dirt road, and we occasionally get washboard or ripples. Although, since I got my grill down I haven't had it come back up either. Time will tell though! Lol
  6. Warped dash speaker grill

    Hi, just joined. I saw this thread, which is the reason I joined. My front right speaker grill was very similar to your middle grill, it was sticking up like your. I also thought it was warped. Tried pushing down, to no avail. Good old smack with the fist, and it seemed to catch and is staying...
  7. Hi from Kansas!

    Glad to be a new member, but not new member to owning broncos. Had a 67 bronco, 80 bronco, and now 2021 bronco sport(base). Broncos forever! Lol.