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  1. Waiting room

    Exciting progress indeed! 🤞 IMine went into production 6/4. Still waiting on RCM via ETIS. Maybe that will change this week! I never had the fuel line leak that I could find.
  2. Waiting room

    A glimmering light of hope!
  3. A Max T Bull Bar

    Does this allow for the tow hooks to stay intact with the BL and FE? It doesn't look like it can. Looks like it utilizes the same location as the tow hooks forcing you to choose between one or the other with those models.
  4. June Builds sitting in the Mexican Desert

    Same - Nothing since going into production 6/4. Ordered 3/24. BL+BL. Same as above, dealer is communicating but nothing I don't already know from resources here.
  5. Bronco Sport Will Not Be Selected For (Production) Scheduling This Week (on 9/9)

    Does that mean they are grabbing the unfinished units and tidying up those loose ends before scheduling begins on new orders again?
  6. Bronco merch for "waiting"

    Isn't it weird Looks too obscure to me Wasting away And that was their policy I'm ready to leave I push the fact in front of me Facts lost - facts are never what they seem to be Nothing there! No information left of any kind Lifting my head Looking for danger signs There was a line There was a...
  7. June Builds sitting in the Mexican Desert

    BL+BL pkg, kodiak, copilot, tow pkg, steelies, cargo mgmt Ordered 3/24 Built (partially) 6/4 Est. Delivery 11/3 Awaiting RCM chip?? 🤷‍♂️ I've seen a handful of others in this forum have a BL+BL go into production July/Aug and have been shipped or taken delivery already. The parts appear to be...
  8. Waiting room Toyota announcing production cuts due to chip shortages. Resurgence of covid cases is throwing gas on the already burning fire. Ford announces F-150 production cuts. No mention of BS, but the problem seems to be persisting across all makes and models.
  9. Waiting room

    Read this this morning… 26 week supply chain time frame for chip makers to automakers. “There’s also been some good news upstream in the semiconductor supply chain. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.’s CEO, C.C. Wei, said in April that he expects the semiconductor shortage for the...
  10. Waiting room

    Looking on the bright side (trying to anyway) Halloween and 11/3 expected delivery dates: We are less than 3 months away!!!! 🤞🤞🤞 Had to get my current ride state inspected and dropped $1400 on new tires and some minor repairs needed. Was hoping by ordering my BSBL back in March I could forgo...
  11. Waiting room

    Also got the bump from 10/31 to 11/3. Could this be a larger recall they are holding out to fix other than just receiving chips? Annoyed, surely.
  12. Waiting room

    Same exact thing. Just saw today. Wondering if its a part that was sourced and then "wasn't" and if it's something I can do without to speed this ish up.
  13. Waiting room

    Update: Tracking website showed went into production 6/4. No email confirmation of this. few days later, estimated deliver date to dealer came out for 7/7/21. Today, still in production, not built yet after 3 days in prod. and estimated dealer delivery date has changed to 10/31/21 :crying: Any...
  14. Waiting room

    Just checked yesterday and I've been put into production. Window sticker became available today. Looks like they are ahead of schedule from my previous dates. 5/31 last email production date. Called rep at ford and gave me 6/2 build date. Looks like it will be complete by tomorrow. You've got...
  15. Waiting room

    Ordered BL fully loaded, BL package, moonroof, tow, 360+ on 3/24. Original build date 5/17 moved to 5/31. Called support number just now and guy said prod. date moved to 6/2. I don't have a good feeling with that date after reading through these jumps to July production dates. Fingers crossed.
  16. Superlite Rooftop Tent for Bronco Sport

    Nice! I was looking at their original RTT though it is on the heavier side, but want the ability to strap a yak on top of the RTT. They aren't taking new orders currently due to backlog and high demand. But pushing 200lbs dynamic weight at that point, not sure how stable it will feel. Reading...